Fight gang stalking! How to fight gang stalkers, and their relatives home addresses too.

The link above is one of the best tools ever to use to fight gang stalking.

As a tool, it helps you investigate, and as you have learned, gang stalkers are investigating you.

So, have fun, firing a few shots into your internet browser, straight into their faces. If you later to fire a few other shots into their faces, thats your choice.

These investigative tools allow you to investigate。 Its up to you to decide whats the correct way to do that, and battle with those anti-democracy cowards, within, or outside of the law, who definitely deserve bullets in their faces.

Here, look at how I was able to trace morons online directly to a named, specific FBI agent. Then, assess your case from that perspective, and avoid the traps of Level X thinking, which is designed by psychological operations sickoes and sadists to make you appear to be crazy.

As a weapon, it helps you fights back, and can help you name, locate, and assess the “gang of stalkers,” that has been harassing you, and, if you are bored, you can stalk them, and their wives and children; grandmothers, disabled relatives, mothers, fathers, and their dogs too.

Best of all, if you are revenge minded, the tools at that website will help you locate relatives and associates of those who gang stalked you.

And then, if you use your imagination, you can then do whatever you feel like to take revenge on them, their relatives, and their unborn children. Because they deserve it. But also, according to the FBI, and their enablers, gang stalking is not “real ” its “delusional. ”

So, no harm, no foul! Even.if you splatter a gang stalkers face with bullets, according to the gun control oriented FBI, it cannot happen! Its all in your imagination, as you hunt down FBI /DHS / and other agency scum who violate due process laws and customs to target you.

So, kills ng them cannot happen, because you are delusional, according to the agencies own customs and practices. So: hunt them down, and do whatever you must do to “end it all.,” because gang stalking is NOT REAL according to them.

Just do it!

All gang stalking analysis starts with naming your attackers, and then, checking, and double checking your assessment.

The rest is up to you, but ROGS is on record destroying these cockroaches, in many creative ways. Maybe you have a bettercway.

Do it!

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