Ankara, Turkey, ISIS, and exposing CIA-Mi6- Mossad operations: Examine this IP address

Gang stalking is 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with “community assets.”

Please have a look at a location, and an IP address that keeps popping up in my log files of hacking attempts: keeps trying to use a “login page attack” on my blog from Ankara, Turkey, the very Center of CIA/Mi6/Israeli Mossad operations. But I predicted that, before they tried it, and now, I collect evidence-100% of all gang stalking traces back to CIA and other agencies. My advice, is that you find friends in “foreign governments” give them your evidence, and let them handle the rest.

This attack has been staging since I resurrected this blog, after outing a gang of stalkers who are 100% police and their associates. They are psychobabbling cowards, breaking the law, causing “manufactured terrorism events,”as they hide behind the law.

You can view that post where I traced, and named an actual “gang”of “stalkers.” Start with “Frank Tomota.” He is a pseudochobabbling MORON, who shitposts photographs of shadows, and claims that his photos are in fact “electronic satellite brain zappers,”and so on.

His currently/former girlfriend, Joyce Kato used to run “cover stories”at the Los Angeles County Coroner, and now, she is the head of the Professional Peace Officers Association.

Yeah-to answer the question “but how can the gang stalkers get so many cars to try to run me off the roads?”start there- the PPOA and similar organizations have a lot of time on their hands, and vendettas too.

In the meantime, Happy hunting!

These peoples relatives, wives and children are NOT off limits, because they have targeted you and others first. Research their interconnected webs of connections, using free and low cost investigative tools.

And, publish your results online, so that others who have been targeted by these people can target them back.

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