Everton Brown: man shoots neighbors after police failed to respond to his 120 9-11 calls spanning decades

Everton Brown killed his two noisy neighbors and a bystander after unsuccessfully suing the FBI for gang stalking in 2013.

His two neighbors,  “sang karaoke every Saturday, all day long. “

And, his neighbors “liked to work on their house,” too, banging and pounding a lot.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Sara Alacote, 37, and Ismael Quintanilla, 41, immigrants from Peru and El Salvador, were killed Saturday when a neighbor barged into their Woodlawn home and started shooting.

That’s the same Baltimore Sun newspaper that reported this story, asking “Crazy, or a target?” twelve years before Brown killed his neighbors.

Keep an eye on the numbers 12 and 13 in these cases, because there is indeed method to the madness of gang stalkers.

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Key Takeaways From Latest FISA Court Opinion on Section 702 and FBI Warrantless Queries

The FBI is routinely, and consistently violating the law that governs the “Star Chamber” FISA Court, causingvrational law abiding people to ask: what other laws are the US Secret Police violating?


From Just Security,

Key Takeaways From Latest FISA Court Opinion on Section 702 and FBI Warrantless Queries

This Monday the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) declassified a set of documents related to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the law’s warrantless surveillance provision. Section 702 authorizes the government to engage in surveillance absent any court approval or suspicion of wrongdoing, but only to target non-U.S. persons located outside the United States, and only for foreign intelligence purposes.

Most important of the newly released documents was a November 2020 FISA Court opinion that approved minor revisions to targeting and minimization guidelines, but also detailed shocking problems with the FBI’s use of Section 702 for U.S. person queries and domestic law enforcement.

Here is the key takeaway from the new opinion:

Warrantless FISA surveillance is creeping into domestic life and policing

Go over there to Just Security, and read more of Jake Laperruque’s excellent coverage of FBI law breaking.


Gang stalking lawsuits: Moore v. Edwards et al

Keep an eye on this case, as a man sues a gang of stalkers. Complaint includes bizarre activity, to whit:

  • gang stalkers “boxed him in on the .freeway” across several states, causing life threatening circumstances
  • gang stalkers placed a camera at the volunteer fire station across from his house, and aimed it at him 24-7

These,are well known complaints, and indeed, police and firefighters are named in several other legal actions as gang stalkers, most famously:

  • the well known, covered in MSM story of Rick and Lucinda Krlich case of “Small Town Terrorism” which saw success, many restraining orders, and one convicted gang stalker too, named Dick Wittenkugle, aka “DICKWITT”
  • look here, and here, and here for more about firefighters as gangs of stalkers

From Justia, a new gang stalking lawsuit filed in Northern Mississippi:

Moore v. Edwards et al

Comes now Richard Moore, suing defendants Blake Smith, Keith Roberts, Union County Sheriff’s Department and Jimmy Edwards, a gang of stalkers.


“Targeted” individual journalism wins the Taylor Award: who wants to apply for the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in gang stalking journalism?

The series “Targeted,” by the Tampa Bay Times chronicled the targeted individual program run by Chris Nocco, a corrupt county sheriff.

Pasco County parents and teachers are calling for changes to a secretive Sheriff’s Office program that uses student data to profile schoolchildren as potential future criminals, with some demanding the practice be stopped

Then, it began winning awards for fairness, and truth in journalism.

From Harvard University`s Nieman Foundation, a story of “the best of gang stalking journalism:”

Cambridge, Mass. – “Targeted,” an in-depth investigation by the Tampa Bay Times into a police program that for years monitored, intimidated and harassed families in Pasco County Florida, is winner of the 2020 Taylor Family Award for Fairness in Journalism.

The reporting by Kathleen McGrory and Neil Bedi revealed that ten years ago, the Sheriff’s Office in Pasco County, Florida, created a secretive data-driven system ostensibly designed to proactively combat crime. The algorithm instead was used to try to predict which residents might break the law. During the last five years, the sheriff’s department used that information to target nearly 1,000 people and assigned deputies to repeatedly show up at their homes, often without probable cause, a warrant or evidence of a crime.

The Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism is still open for submissions, if any enterprising journalist is interested.

Gang stalking lawsuits: the Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco targeted children

Pasco County sheriff Chris Nocco is being sued for gang stalking children in Florida

Screen capture from the manual of the Intelligence-Led Policing program.

As ROGS Analysis predicts (also see here, here, here and here), nearly 100% if all gang stalking is gangs of current and retired police, working with various types of investigators, state workers, and their associates.

These associates range from prosecutors, to private security contractors, to social workers, etc.who target individuals exactly as we saw in the several years long stalkung and eventual murder of Ahmaud Arbery gunned down in cold blood by a gang of vigilantes  that included retired police, their relatives and associates, and several prosecutors who had shadowed Arbery for many years. And,who were on the phone with police dispatch as they killed him.

And, what they are doing is illegal. They turn a targeted individuals life into a due process free nightmare of constant surveillance and harassment, under “color of llawclaims cloaked in “police investigation privileged”tactics and methods.

Unlike ROGS Analysis, whuch is based in the scientific method, and reveals that nearly all gang stalking is what I have proven it is, police “science”is actually pseudo-science at best, and junk science for the most part.

Related Story: the junk science of lie detectors, bite mark analyses, hair analyses, and more, from Loevy &Loevy

And all of this, augmented by actual CIA created technology, Fusion Center spying and monitoring too. Its called “intelligence led predictive policing,” and now, here come the gang stalking lawsuits.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says

Pasco County’s Sheriff Must End Its Targeted Child Harassment Program

In September 2020, the Tampa Bay Times revealed a destructive “data-driven” policing program run by the Pasco County, Florida Sheriff’s Office. The program is misleadingly called “Intelligence-Led Policing” (ILP), but in reality, it’s nothing more than targeted child harassment by police. Young people’s school grades and absences, minor infractions, and even instances where they are a victim of crime are used to inform a bogus rubric and point system, based on a formula that intends to “prevent future crimes”—essentially labeling youths as a potential future criminals.

Below is a page from the ILP’s pseudoscientific manual. Once a juvenile is tagged with this label, police show up at their home and harass their entire family. As one former deputy described the program to reporters, the objective was to “make their lives miserable until they move or sue.”

Pedophiles indeed. It seems that Pasco County Florida, USA is full of grown men who target little boys. Look! Pasco school system is run by these types.




Gangs of police =”who are the gang stalkers.”

As we see repeatedly in the news, the narrative of gang stalking is gradually changing, thanks to journalists who have learned to separate the real cases from those that are rife with psychobabble and gibberish about “aliens, lizard people, electronic poop and ghosts.”

stalked and discredited for disagreeing with the official theories and conclusions of police and other experts.

The US Department of Justice is now prosecuting the eBay Gang of Stalkers, which goes all thecway to the executive level, and included the EXACT suspects that ROGS Analysis predicts: a high percentage of retired police, their associates, and many (many) faemale stalkers.

Read It: Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult

So, we also see that nearly every single “narrator” of the gang stalking dialectic who appears as an “official source” in previous news stories is exactly that same ratio: high percentages of police, intelligence agents, forensic cold case investigators, and pro-prosecution psychologists, and many women amongst them.

Frauds like Dr.Lorraine Sheridan, famously quoted as having “interviewed the internet” for testimonials of gang stalking, is a prison psychologist allied with forensic psychology, as is her partner in crime Dr. David V.James, who seems to author a paper every week about how bad patients stalk “good doctors” like himself after they are fraudulently diagnosed, or mis-represented in psychological narratives.

Then, there are police and state sponsored cultists like Dr. Christine Sarteschi, whose gibberish on this topic rivals Sheridans, and she pops up everywhere that the domestic violence crowd and their “Warrior Sistah’s”are waging a (police assisted) stalking campaign.

Related Story: The Womens Ku Klux Klan “poison squads”– is the #MeToo movement and cancel culture just more far right social engineering?

So: How Bizarre is Gang Stalking Anyways? Dirty Police and Their Poison Squads Are Extremely Creative, Bizzarre, and “Empowered” Bullies

As we see time and again gang stalking is standard police and investigator practice, assisted by community assets, and hidden under the cloak of “police investigation privilege,” and a lot of other civil rights and due process defying b.s. It is a hidden form of police brutality.

We also see that the mainstream news is getting “woke,”too.

Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly has written two excellent articles, one, aptly titled “Gangstalking” chronicling how gangs of police, and their affiliated community assets cyberstalked and slandered a woman who questioned a coroners verdict-and found that its very common.


As these mothers fight for justice, they’re also opening themselves up to online attacks and even hacking

We talked about a story that until now has remained untold: the harassment of families who have lost loved ones under suspicious or unusual circumstances.

Most people probably cannot fathom how online trolls or people on apparent power trips could savagely attack Barton and other grieving families, but what these victims have experienced has a name. It’s called “gangstalking”: harassment that centers on a group effort to surveil, attack, discredit, and silence a target, sometimes to the point of destroying his or her life.

When Barton spoke out on Facebook and Twitter about her son’s death, she found something that surprised her. Other families came forward and told her they have experienced the same types of attacks. They, too, were stalked and discredited for disagreeing with the official theories and conclusions of police and other experts.

Webster also covered gang stalking as regards the psychobabbling crowd in a piece called “Targeting Targeted Individuals” where the usual suspects appear, yammering on about electronic satellite brain zappers, patents on strange military gear, and lots of unfounded evidence free claims about electronics too.

Unsurprisingly, amidst that articles clatter, we see a low level sex offender pop up, talking about how the local volunteer fire department has a camera positioned to record his house “24/7,” qand how cars box him in while driving on the freeway. All of that is well known gang stalker behavior documented in many sources.

This is significant, because the “sex offender” is the raison d’être of the entire Domestic Industrial Violence Complex (DIVC) which is the quasi-judicial extra-legal set of rules and constraints that has largely replaced democratic processes in the west with kangaroo courts and he said/she-said slanders and insinuations instead of jury trials, with heavy empasis on gendered narratives.

It is also significant, because sex offenders are a highly targeted group, and gang stalking is “community custody and control.

Remarkably, after that person appears in the forum comments, a woman named Tiffany Fontenot appears, doing exactly what these people do-causing division and slandering:

Teri? There is a particular man in your article who literally appears to be a perp. Moore is a registered sex offender complete with tattooed tear drop coming out of his eye. How did you find that guy? He ran a smear campaign on a leading member in the TI community using very common perping tactics such as name calling (one thing he called her was a whore among many others) and claiming others were doing to him what he, himself was actually perpetrating, and yet that same guy showed up in your article? Interesting coincidence isn’t it? There are many people claiming to be TI’s who actually are not in order to attempt to keep this global torture and trafficking network from being discovered by the public. They attack TI’s and try to make TI’s look delusional in order to keep the torture/trafficking network going.

Teri? Did you get benefit for writing this article in any way from the defense or law enforcement, or medical industry, or through anyone at FWW in ANY way via an EMF..(blahblahcetera*)

Fontenot is a subscriber to the long debunked CIA psychobabble about “reverse speech” and other SATANIC PANIC era fundamentalist and neocon religious gibberish. It is them, most of the time who are who gang stalkers are, and the news is now beginning to cover it appropriately.

So, go over there, and read those articles for an explainer about the right wing/left wing split in the dialectic-and to support Ms. Websters excellent coverage of this topic.

*blahblahcetera is ROGS commentary

ROGS Blog was deplatformed by WordPress because I named my stalkers

Nearly 100% of all cases of gang stalking are committed by current and former police, military, and intelligence trained persons and groups.I named many of my personal stalkers here, and also documented a series of events and the names of other stalkers here and here too, all of whom had literally “followed”my blog, and many of whom are current and former military, and actual spies, which I traced through their online associations and other methods.

Most curiously, many of them work in human resources too, a linkage that I have not fully explored yet.

High tech gear is required to properly investigate any gang stalking situation. Use it as soon as possible, starting with simple dash cameras, home security, etc.


Revisiting the “eBay stalkers case“, we must notice that the New York Times has now contradicted itself by acknowledging gang stalking. And, they called that gang “eBays cockroach cult,”too, validating the narrative of targeted individuals who know that gang stalkers are indeed cockroaches.

In that case we see a “bizarre”gang composed of eBay executives, and their security wing comprised of former police,and intelligence agents, and we get a glimpse of how the bizarre activity that online gang stalking is gets even more frightening when it comes offline, and into your home. ROGS Analysis predicts exactly that composition too.

So, ROGS, the blog you are reading, documents those kind of gangs, and with little surprise, my personal gang of stalkers persistently monitored my writing, and demanded that WordPress deplatform my writing. I will discuss that in further posts, but for now, I ask my readers to note that my blog is up and running again, though many of my links that reference my own work have been destroyed, as well as many photos lost, due to WordPress actions.

They literally deplatformed me with zero notice, and I am certain it is because I am critical of the gang stalking perpetrated by current and former FBI/DHS/CIA and especially the toxic Anti Defamation League that I have named and identified herein.

So, in the posts below, outbound links to other content outside my blog still work, but other links are not up and running yet.

As recently as 2/10/2021 this blog was also under attack from various persons and bots who were attempting a log in page attack, as verified by my security software.

This is what gang stalking is, and what I write below is “who, what, when, and why” they do it, whoever your “they”might be. I have named mine, and traced them using ordinary investigative tools, and you too can name, and trace your stalkers, with evidence.

Here are Fifty Free or Cheap Investigative Tools to track gangs of stalkers, and turn your evidence over to others, and there are many more free tools online too.

Read through this website and find out how I “proved” that I was stalked, and named a few cockroaches that did it, and stay tuned.

World of Warcraft, and a few mass shooters. But how to build evidence of PsyOp in gaming, and link it to mass shootings? Gang stalking case study




Fight gang stalking! How to fight gang stalkers, and their relatives home addresses too.


The link above is one of the best tools ever to use to fight gang stalking.

As a tool, it helps you investigate, and as you have learned, gang stalkers are investigating you.

So, have fun, firing a few shots into your internet browser, straight into their faces. If you later to fire a few other shots into their faces, thats your choice.

These investigative tools allow you to investigate。 Its up to you to decide whats the correct way to do that, and battle with those anti-democracy cowards, within, or outside of the law, who definitely deserve bullets in their faces.

Here, look at how I was able to trace morons online directly to a named, specific FBI agent. Then, assess your case from that perspective, and avoid the traps of Level X thinking, which is designed by psychological operations sickoes and sadists to make you appear to be crazy.

As a weapon, it helps you fights back, and can help you name, locate, and assess the “gang of stalkers,” that has been harassing you, and, if you are bored, you can stalk them, and their wives and children; grandmothers, disabled relatives, mothers, fathers, and their dogs too.

Best of all, if you are revenge minded, the tools at that website will help you locate relatives and associates of those who gang stalked you.

And then, if you use your imagination, you can then do whatever you feel like to take revenge on them, their relatives, and their unborn children. Because they deserve it. But also, according to the FBI, and their enablers, gang stalking is not “real ” its “delusional. ”

So, no harm, no foul! Even.if you splatter a gang stalkers face with bullets, according to the gun control oriented FBI, it cannot happen! Its all in your imagination, as you hunt down FBI /DHS / and other agency scum who violate due process laws and customs to target you.

So, kills ng them cannot happen, because you are delusional, according to the agencies own customs and practices. So: hunt them down, and do whatever you must do to “end it all.,” because gang stalking is NOT REAL according to them.

Just do it!

All gang stalking analysis starts with naming your attackers, and then, checking, and double checking your assessment.

The rest is up to you, but ROGS is on record destroying these cockroaches, in many creative ways. Maybe you have a bettercway.

Do it!

But how to prove it all, or challenge western colonial hegemony? It starts by exposing it. Then, taking on the false, loaded terms-and tactics- of the FVEY arguments


惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/post_13284060_1.html/ ]






五眼联盟,FIVE EYES,分别是美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大和新西兰这5个国家。不难看出,它们都是英语系国家,英国及它的前殖民地。组织的基本守则自称是共享情报,并且互不监控。

[ 转自铁血社区 http://www.tiexue.net/ ]



惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国




[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/ ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/post_13284060_1.html/ ]







[ 转自铁血社区 http://www.tiexue.net/ ]







[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/ ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/post_13284060_1.html/ ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 http://www.tiexue.net/ ]




惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国



[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/ ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/post_13284060_1.html/ ]







[ 转自铁血社区 http://www.tiexue.net/ ]

Related Story: How US Billionaires finance “black operations” using private security firms, NGOs, and target activists who are critical of western hypocrisy about human rights and “freedom”; and who do the bidding of the CIA around the world

Aaaah, the Karens strike again: my foreign friends might enjoy this

So, FVEYs spying is so ubiquitous that one can observe their networks in action as they target individuals online and off, using counter -intellugence methods, like creating honeypots, and watching what bees attack.

The following screenshot is instructive on that point, as I recently outed these fake blogs who were stalking me via my “follow ” feature.

One of the ways that western spy agencies and their NGOs target people via influence operations is as we see in the examples above, which are purportedly “photography” and “cooking ” blogs but are actually something else, which I will explain to you in person (I discussed this in some of my posts from the last few weeks ).

So for now, the Karen’s, using various proxy servers, cloaked hops, “electronuc implants, ” device mirroring, and Amazon cloud technology routed through the City of Brea, CAs networks, (specifically in the 52xx.xx.xx range) have upped their game, and it appears they found my manager.

See you soon, Karen.

And, maybe those asshats from Virginia Beach too.

James McLynas for Pinellas County, FL Sherrif, 2020: pedofying and pedofication in the gang stalking dialectic

(this post is in progress, stay tuned)

It is established fact that 100% of all gang stalking cases involve police, retired police, and their associated scum in the “community policing” schema.

It is also established fact that 100% of psychobabbling, gibberish spewing idiots lije Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, David V. James, and Mike Wood, who claim “electronic mind control and sattelite zapping” are also police affiliated “community assets,” in the online dialectic of organized gang stalking.

This is how politics, and dialectics intersect in the modern “internet redirection era,”as documented by Richard Griesinger Esq., formerly of that county.

Griesingers case is a 100% ROGS Bingo.

Community policing is itself just a misnomer, a cover word for “localized police corruption.” And, James McLynas, who was pedofied by cops, slandered and smeared in the worst imaginable ways, but who orevailed in a custody fight against his wife, a cop fucking prostitute, is running for sherrif of Pinellas County FL, for 2024, if any gang stalking targets want to help make a difference.

Among the text messages that James McLynas discovered was
this one, sent from Martin’s phone to Laura McLynas on May 16: “Delete
this text. I made some calls. Nothing will go anywhere. He can make all
the complaints he wants. File all the motions he wants. From this point
forward he will be ignored and nothing will go anywhere.”

months earlier, James McLynas had filed a criminal mischief complaint
with the Clearwater Police Department, alleging that Laura McLynas had
spray-painted a slur on a boat stored outside his home. No one was

He said Martin’s messages “make it clear” that
the deputy got in touch with “anyone he could to allow Laura McLynas to
get away with any crime she felt like committing against me.”

The DisneyGang of cyberstalkers© in the headlines: man sues Disney, names his cyberstalkers in the complaint

coincidence, gang stalking lawsuits, directed conversation, cyber stalking, ROGS Analysis, ROGS BINGO

Everywhere you look in gang stalking cases, you will find a high percentage of female stalkers, and amongst their victims, you will find men who seek equality. In this case below, a man who took “paternity leave.”

In this case, 33% of the little corporate gang of cyber stalkers named in the complaint are female, and another extension of the phenomenon of “the Karens, ”those ubiquitous, nearly unprosecutable white women* who are behind many hidden crimes, and other nefarious conduct that endangers mens lives and livelihoods.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

“[Steven] Van Soeren alleges several upper-level employees, including his supervisor Brian McConnell and coworker Connor Paglia, referenced personal matters that he had either only discussed at home with his wife
or viewed on his internet browser.

“By way of example, Plaintiff was expecting a child but had not
disclosed that information to anyone at the Company” states the
complaint, which was filed in New York federal court. “Yet, Mr.
McConnell, in an unrelated conversation, blurted out to Plaintiff, ‘maybe you shouldn’t have a kid.’ Likewise, Mr. Paglia sent Plaintiff an unsolicited video of children developing in utero. The same sentiments were harbored by Jennifer Kaufmann, Associate Director of UX &
Design, who asked if Plaintiff had a good reason for having a child. Mr.
McConnell also stated, within hearing distance of Plaintiff, ‘I don’t know why he [Plaintiff] decided to have a kid. At 30 my wife and I thought about it but decided that we’d wait until 40.'”

Part of this phenomenon can be directly attributed to white female privilege, which is well documented everywhere in academia except among white female academics, but less examined is female violence, and its peculuar and cowardly forms, not least of which, and as we see in this case, is predatory voyeurism, and secret manipulation of a targeted person.

From Quora:

White female privilege is the presumption of high morality and innocence, through association of being white and a woman. This is an important privilege white women have over white men in society. Men, as most people know, are often presumed guilty until proven innocent.

So, ROGS Analysis** predicts high percentages of white females, and other females in these gangs of stalkers, and you should presume to look at women and womens roles in these cases too, not as secondary, or subsidiary, but as leaders and higher level initiators, planners and organizers of these gangs of stalkers.

Other ROGS posts about these women:

An urban gardener gets pedofied by Karens,who were later prosecuted

The Karens are prevalent in high percentages in the eBayGang© of gang stalkers, as are police investigators (ROGS Analysis predicts this combination ) and are among the first to enter guilty pleas.

ROGS uncovered many Karens, and a few Kikos who are gang stalkers in his personal case, some of them literally sleeping with current and retired FBI agents

Then, theres the bank robbing lesbian bombers of M 19, and the Kamelias of the womens KKK too.

*many Karens are also sometimes from other racial categories but are essentially the same privileged class of persons most frequently derived from Jewish -christian traditions and cultural values that claim to seek equality but stop short of it at every turn, as we see in the domestic violence narratives that claim falsely that violence is started by males, despite decades of peer reviewed research contradicting that fallacy, as we see that the higher percentage of domestic violence incidents are initiated by females; and that domestic violence is alsohigher in LGBTQ relationships.

We can ask the questions “Why then, are most people convinced that men initiate violence?” or “why arent women prosecuted equally?”

The answer to the first question is simply that “mystery money”from various groups and indivuduals (world wide church and state operations, and individuals like George Soros, or even Israeli and Saudi billionaires ) finances US and western governments propaganda operations as well as non -governmental organizations (NGOs) who create and repeat false messages.

The second answer is that historically, females of the human herd are not held to account for many reasons, ranging from negative social perceptions of leaders who punish women equally, to more simple answers, like the fact that punishing the “breeding stock” of a herd or species can induce miscarriages, or cause female infertility, and even, make them less fun to play with.

But these questions are always a dead end in Jewish-christian societies, because the very baseline of those societies is the stratification of categories of boys and girls, with assigned roles ordained by their version(s) of a mystical god, rather than equality as an actual goals, because, hey, someone has to lead thine sheeple, right? And it might as well be “them,” whoever “they ” are, right?

** ROGS Analysis is unique amongst all of the current research, because it was ROGS that first separated “gang stalking denialists ” from “gang stalking victims” by uncovering womens roles as gangs of stalkers. This has changed the way that journalists, psychologists, attorneys and prosecutors view these cases too.

The ROGS effect: discussing the Protestant Womens Ku Klux Klan “poison squads ” as major media (finally) begins to document womens violence, aka “womens empowerment.”

Womens Empowerment, as the Protestant Women’s Ku Klux Klan waged brutal “whisper campaigns ”: accounting for women’s roles in occluded social violence long overdue

From JSTOR.org

A Brief History of the Women’s KKK

The Women’s KKK, an affiliated-but-separate racist organization for white Protestant women, courted members through…. “empowerment feminism.”

With a few exceptions, such as a 1924 riot in which WKKK members
paraded around with clubs, the WKKK did not engage in the lynching and other acts of violence of their male counterparts. This lack of physical violence has led many historical commentators to view WKKK members, and
indeed all women involved in racist movements, as shadowy, inconsequential figures lurking behind the male actors.

But in fact, the WKKK was deeply, regrettably powerful. According to
Blee, they were “covert manipulators and cultural organizers,” using their social power to further their agendas.

Many of these women were
already savvy social players: post-WWI Protestant social clubs and
organizations were natural feeder groups for the WKKK. These women led “poison squads,” or whisper networks, to destroy the reputations of anti-Klan political candidates by claiming they were Catholic or Jewish.

They tried to oust Catholic public school teachers, led boycotts of
businesses, and campaigned for pro-Klan candidates. They built social ties by donating milk to school children and food baskets to needy families, and by planning weddings, christenings, funerals, carnivals, lectures, speeches, and parades, complete with floats and lady horsebackriders.

Patterns and schizophrenia: delusions or ‘coincidences?’ It’s not apophenia when ‘the magic number’ pops out of the rabbit hole- gang stalking case study


Cults of cockroaches: read the link, and connect it to this New York Times piece about “The Cockroach cult of eBay” and then, get back to me….

How precise is ROGS Analysis?

I PREDICTED the use of insects in cases of “police and police affiliated gangs of stalkers ” many years before that NYT “pseudo -journalistic ” story.

Remember: ROGS is on record as the loudest, most obnoxious and satiristic dissent anywhere about “police investigative privileged gang stalking.”

And now, even the NYT (whose owner Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, a zionazi, recently stepped down after my work has been widely circulated and analyzed by better and actual journalists ) has engaged with my journalism.

Food for thought, gang stalkers (who are ALWAYS police, FBI, DHS, Mi5, DHS, Et alphabet agency affilliated)

I am painting targets on all of you.