This post is for that one guy from Hawaii.

Hi, and thanks for writing about your situation there in Hawaii. I have replied to you elsewhere, but you can use this posts comments section to discuss your situation.

Or, we can discuss my situation with that one gal, Wenwen Zhou, and her connection to those gang stalking cowards n Colorado, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas, and elsewhere, not excluding their tentacles in the Asian Pacific Rim regions.

Best Regards,

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Flight MH370? The Atlantic has the answer.

Gang stalking is about “the narrative,” and those of us who change it.

Read, as one man investigates the fatal flight of Malaysia’s flight MH370, and finds himself accosted by cyber-terrorists on social media, and traumatized in real life by people who follow him around….

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane?

Five years ago, the flight vanished into the Indian Ocean. Officials on land know more about why than they dare to say.


By now he largely avoids disclosing his location or travel plans, and for similar reasons avoids using email and rarely speaks over the telephone. He likes Skype and WhatsApp for their encryption. He frequently swaps out his SIM cards. He believes he is sometimes followed and photographed. There is no arguing that Gibson is the only person who has gone out looking for pieces of MH370 on his own and found debris. But the idea that the debris is worth killing for is hard to take seriously. It would be easier to believe if the debris held clues to dark secrets and international intrigue. But the evidence—much of it now out in the open—points in a different direction.

5. The Possibilities

In truth, a lot can now be known with certainty about the fate of MH370. First, the disappearance was an intentional act. It is inconceivable that the known flight path, accompanied by radio and electronic silence, was caused by any combination of system failure and human error. Computer glitch, control-system collapse, squall lines, ice, lightning strike, bird strike, meteorite, volcanic ash, mechanical failure, sensor failure, instrument failure, radio failure, electrical failure, fire, smoke, explosive decompression, cargo explosion, pilot confusion, medical emergency, bomb, war, or act of God—none of these can explain the flight path. Continue reading

An open letter to Alyse Burnside, author.

Hello, and I hope this finds you well, and less lonely than when you wrote your Entropy piece about feeling isolated.

I write to inform you that the Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer Prize and the Nieman Cener award for their ongoing series called “Targeted.”

As you might guess, its a story about targeted individuals, and as you might NOT have guessed, its about “intelligence led predictive policing,” in a highly conservative, Republican area of the country where the KKK and its “empowered women’s auxilliary”is still quite active; and in context to “gang stalking.”

I helped push that story, and others like it all across the country, and even your story cited my blog–and again I thank you for that, though we differ on interpretation of the term stalker as used in your piece–I dont think that exposing people who stalked me,including naming police and intel agents, and actual LAPD/CIA/Mossad agents and others, is stalking. I consider that self-preservation, with evidence.

Can a mouse, pursued by a wolf be considered as an attacker, if it nips the wolf on its slobbering wet nose? I dont know….

Names here and here, and here, and here and here too.

But I want to ask you: can I have your permission to republish your article? I want to show my readers, and other victims about “process”–to lend them hope, and demonstrate how change occurs.

I also would like to share with you the fact that I knew Derek Chauvin and his “gang”long before they murdered George Floyd. These also stalked me, and worse, and it was they that I named, and even sued as I was stalked.

And, I virtually started those riots, thirteen years before the actual events that followed his death, with my two slogans “bringing people together,”and “bringing peace by pleasing the palette.”I did that right in front of the Third Precinct, which was burned to the ground during the riots. You can see how all that played out here, and here too, lol.

May I have your consent to republish in full, your excellent reflection on your feelings about being stalked? I wish to show targets the “reality of organized gang stalking, and misconceptions surrounding it-especially that it is in NO WAY a mental health issue.

Thank You, and Best Regards,


Ankara, Turkey, ISIS, and exposing CIA-Mi6- Mossad operations: Examine this IP address

Gang stalking is 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with “community assets.”

Please have a look at a location, and an IP address that keeps popping up in my log files of hacking attempts: keeps trying to use a “login page attack” on my blog from Ankara, Turkey, the very Center of CIA/Mi6/Israeli Mossad operations. But I predicted that, before they tried it, and now, I collect evidence-100% of all gang stalking traces back to CIA and other agencies. My advice, is that you find friends in “foreign governments” give them your evidence, and let them handle the rest.

This attack has been staging since I resurrected this blog, after outing a gang of stalkers who are 100% police and their associates. They are psychobabbling cowards, breaking the law, causing “manufactured terrorism events,”as they hide behind the law.

You can view that post where I traced, and named an actual “gang”of “stalkers.” Start with “Frank Tomota.” He is a pseudochobabbling MORON, who shitposts photographs of shadows, and claims that his photos are in fact “electronic satellite brain zappers,”and so on.

His currently/former girlfriend, Joyce Kato used to run “cover stories”at the Los Angeles County Coroner, and now, she is the head of the Professional Peace Officers Association.

Yeah-to answer the question “but how can the gang stalkers get so many cars to try to run me off the roads?”start there- the PPOA and similar organizations have a lot of time on their hands, and vendettas too.

In the meantime, Happy hunting!

These peoples relatives, wives and children are NOT off limits, because they have targeted you and others first. Research their interconnected webs of connections, using free and low cost investigative tools.

And, publish your results online, so that others who have been targeted by these people can target them back.

Nathan Allen, Winthrop, MA shooting, and the manufactured white terrorist: the origin of the “seemingly normal white person” as a racist rampager

On the origins of the “in his own words”meme regarding Nathan Allen, and the origin of the “seemingly normal white people” meme too: dueling historical racisms, as Jews and Zionists target and stalk “the other,” who target and stalk them.*

Related: The George Clooney directed Coen Brothers film “Suburbicon“portrays the real life organized gang stalking of a black family by deranged, racist neighbors in Levittown, PA. in the 1950’s. The real life drama was every bit as bizarre.The Coen brothers grew up in a neighborhood where Jews were fleeing “racial contact with the new influx of impoverished whites and later, blacks.

WHITE FLIGHT, BLACK and BROWN REDLINING: Jewish Narrators at the Winthrop, MA mass shooting has many precedents

We must look into the past to understand the present, because narratives of race and racism in the west are carefully filtered by racist organizations with religious agendas; and lots of valuable real estate that is the rope in a racial tug of war.

So, let’s look at the last centuries first “white”mass shooter, Howard Unruh, and “The Walk of Death,” in Camden, N.J. for our first clues about the origin of the “ordinary white people” meme circulating the internet as the manufactured/radicalized white shooters, the Karen’s wage racialized mayhem;  and other Anti-“white”rhetoric online and in media


Howard Unruh was said to have had one “white”parent, and one Jewish parent. In those days, on those racial terms, Unruh was not “white”at all-whatever “white”is these days, as the US and its race-masters use a sliding scale of whiteness to define the term.

Read through these news accounts from that era, and skip everything else online, which is barely literate as regards this case.

Unruh was said to be the son of a Jewish father Samuel Shipley Unruh and Freda E. Vollmer. He had a younger brother, James; he and Unruh were raised by their mother after the parents separated.

And, the following were present before, during, and after his shooting rampage:

  • police and fire department personel investigating him
  • police and fire personel actively seeking to deny him employment, despite a stellar war record as a tank commander
  • slander and gossip spread in his neighborhood, by children and others, mentioned in news accounts, saying that he was a homosexual, which in that era equivalent to being a pedophile
  • neighborhood disputes about “right of way”issues, and a landlord who allowed access to the space below his apartment to a guy who stole electricity from his mothers meter. That guy later reported that Unruh sought to target him
  • his personal belingings were removed from his property in the hours before his carefully considered rampage
  • he targeted people who had targeted him, and his ability to make a living

To make matters even more bizarre-but well in line with what gang stalkers do, and who gang staljers are, the following:

  • his main target was the druggist below his apartment, and the man who likely removed Unruhs  gate was surnamed “Cohen,”as was the judge Cohen that had him committed to a mental hospital for life; and the Dr. Cohen at that mental hospital virtually tripping all over himself in order to personally oversee Unruh’s case file
  • a representative of the,Jewish Federation “coincidentally”just happened upon the scene as Unruh was shooting his gang of slanderers
  • an astounding number of over 50 police from several departments responded after he started shooting-an incredible amount of police response in that era

So, with that in mind, Please do read that amazing compilation of news and articles from America’s first gang stalking related mass shooting.

Now is the case where I ask “Who radicalized Nathan Allen, of Winthrop, Massachussets, and how did they do it?”

Let’s first simply note that the media narrative, and those who push it, are not “all Jews,”because that privileged narrative space is in fact a corporate space, full of subscribers, and while most gatekeeping positions are held or ultimately controlled by Jews, they command an army of mockingbirds who speak for their own religious, tribal-sectarian viewpoints too.

….TBC, stay tuned

*the days of Jews being stalked in the USA are long gone, as are the white supremacist groups who stalked them  And, the last eras of “white militancy”were contrived events, and all race organizations by that time were completely infiltrated and controlled by the FBI-ADL.

The Jewish groups also notoriously spied on and harrassed black civil rights leaders, alo.gside the CIA and US Military. The USA has never been anything short of a,”secret police state.”

Pull Out! HAHAHAHA.What is it about that phrase that gets neocons and hard right religionists so lathered up? George the 2nd critices Sleepy Joes Afghan withdrawal, for the sake of “women and girls.”

Let’s analyze the false narrative of “women and children” that right and left wing moralists drop into the strangest places whenever it suits their purposes (or suits their bankster allies pocketbooks). The schadenfreude is most striking when it comes from a modern Saint, Saint George Bush, Jr.:

George Bush Slams the Afghan Pullout, Breathlessly Panting “Oooooh, it breaks my heart!”

George: your NWO Masonic Confabulaion, and the Jewish-Kristian Kapital Konquests that followed have claimed many “wimmins and chillrens” lives-and your holy war that birthed all of its horrible domestic surveillance capitalism into our lives are claiming more victims by the day.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that true believers only need the faith of a poppy seed?-and that creating the huge  FVEYs spying monstrosity belies a fundamental(ist) lack of faith in your own Lawd and Savoir faire?

Oh, never mind…I am just one of that wars living casualties, and hey, thanks for that gang stalking program that you, Dick, and Don, Binny and Rienhold Niehbuhr cooked up, its a real Texas sized nightmare.

Do you ever have nightmares? Oh….never mind. Mind….Mind…

How many “women and girls” died in the Iraq invasion, and in Pakistanistan, and yeah, Afghanistan during your horrible tenure as number 33?

How many LIVED with what you did to them?

Samar Hassan screams with the blood of her parents on her own hands after her parents were killed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq in 2005. Credit Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Related Story: From a recent headline related to the Great Gaza Landgrab, we see this: “This week’s violence has killed 119 Palestinians, including 31 children, 19 women, and wounded 830 people in the impoverished territory. Israeli airstrikes have pounded apartments, blown up cars and toppled buildings.”


From Consortium News, a good question for you, in the form of a two part series:

How Many Millions of People Have Been Killed in America’s Post-9/11 Wars? – Part One: Iraq

The numbers of casualties of U.S. wars since Sept. 11, 2001 have largely gone uncounted, but coming to terms with the true scale of the crimes committed remains an urgent moral, political and legal imperative, argues Nicolas J.S. Davies.

By Nicolas J.S. Davies

How many people have been killed in America’s post-9/11 wars? I have been researching and writing about that question since soon after the U.S. launched these wars, which it has tried to justify as a response to terrorist crimes that killed 2,996 people in the U.S. on September 11th 2001.

Samar Hassan screams with the blood of her parents on her own hands after her parents were killed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq in 2005

But no crime, however horrific, can justify wars on countries and people who were not responsible for the crime committed, as former Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz patiently explained to NPR at the time.

“The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the U.S. Invasion” which I co-wrote with Medea Benjamin, estimates the death toll in Iraq as accurately and as honestly as we can in March 2018.  Our estimate is that about 2.4 million people have probably been killed in Iraq as a result of the historic act of aggression committed by the U.S. and U.K. in 2003.  In this report, I will explain in greater detail how we arrived at that estimate and provide some historical context.  In Part 2 of this report, I will make a similar up-to-date estimate of how many people have been killed in America’s other post-9/11 wars.

Mortality Studies vs Passive Reporting

I explored these same questions in Chapter 7 of my book, Blood On Our Hands: the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq, and in previous articles, from “Burying the Lancet Report… and the Children” in 2005 to “Playing Games With War Deaths” in 2016.

In each of those accounts, I explained that estimates of war deaths regularly published by UN agencies, monitoring groups and the media are nearly all based on fragmentary “passive reporting,” not on comprehensive mortality studies.

Of the countries where the U.S. and its allies have been waging war since 2001, Iraq is the only country where epidemiologists have conducted mortality studies based on the best practices that they have developed and used in other war zones (like Angola, Bosnia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda).  In all these countries, as in Iraq, the results of comprehensive epidemiological studies revealed between 5 and 20 times more deaths than previously published figures based on passive reporting.

….follow the links, connect the dots!

George, stop kidding yourself with that selective morality. Normal, sane, moral people just dont buy what you are selling anymore.


Duckduck go is NOT “anonymous”and leaks IP addresses to end ervers

Duckduckgo bills itself in various ways as an anonymous product that does not keep or store users searches.

Bit let me show you how NOT anonymous any user is.

The following data,registered in my security logs, after a user, likely affilliated with the Tampa Bay Times story “Targeted”clicked a link to that story.

The story is about how,a couple of journalists won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting about targeted individuals, and targeted individual programs run by ultra-right wing county sheriffs in Pasco County Florida, that targeted children, which you can read yourself here.

Of course, that series came only AFTER I offered the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism,

Heres the data on that user:

7/10/2021 7:11:46 AM (8 hours 57 mins ago)
IP: 2607:fb90:6a9a:635:6120:a3b7:1475:5fef
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/77.0.3865.92 Mobile DuckDuckGo/5 Safari/537.36
There is no privacy online, no matter how many CEOs and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs tell US that there is. They are all lying, and in fact, 99% of all software like VPNs, anonymizing web browsers, hidden drug/porn/guns/rum running sites,are merely what is called “honeynets/honeypots/watering holes”and so on, and ALL of them are run by current and former intelligence agency spies.

And, that IPV6 address that came to my site here translates to this, using website translators like

Query IPV6 to IPV4
Result (IPv4)


Everton Brown Update: Was neighbor Gail Watts, quoted in the Baltimore Sun the same Gail Watts from the Department of Corrections??

Nearly 100% of gang stalking is perpetrated by state actors, current, and former military, police, prosecutors, their associates and family members, etc., and so its important to trace the webs of relations that appear in these accounts. And a woman named “Gail Watts”was quoted saying that Everton Brown had a “problem with women.

In this post, I will demonstrate the rationale of “contact chaining”to forensically analyze some of the names and possible situations surrounding Everton Browns life. This below is purely speculative, and solely to demonstrate the thinking behind contact chaining, starting with ROGS Analysis of organized gang stalking.

A reminder about the ROGS Thesis: nearly “100% of gang stalking is perpetrated by state actors, current, and former military, police, prosecutors, their associates and family members.”

Let me know if you start seeing patterns in the gang stalking dialectic, and ask “Who are the people in Mr. Brown’s neighborhood, in his neighborhood, in his…. 😫”

Yet a few names stand out because these names ALSO appear in government records, and many of them appear to have political aspirations too, as we saw with Sagar Ghimire, murdered by Mr. Brown. So, that is a pattern to examine.

One of those names is Gail Watts, and I ask my readers to do some research into her connections, but also to examine how Mr. Brown’s claims replicate a “community watch” and “real estate related gang stalking” event, and that, punctuated with racial overtones, seemingly straight out of the ADL/KKK, or especially, the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK, and their infamous “poison squads”; or any other gang stalking groups training manual.

Also keep in mind the fact that America’s first mass shooting, ” The Walk of Death,”where Howard Unruh shot his noisy neighbors after someone removed the gate to his fence, which he had deliberately installed the very day he went on his rampage. While many news pundits often repeat false claims that the first mass shooting was “in the 1960’s,”

Also keep in mind August Wilson’s play “Fences” to understand the narrative being pushed by coopted black narrators and NGOs.

Investigators of all types, ranging from investigative journalists, to others in polucing or forensic roles all use this method, which is properly called contact chaining.

In the case of mass shooters and other plainly bizarre events, like the “incel” car crashers, and so on, we see that “someone/s or something is turning their worlds upside down,” and that the facts do not withstand scientific scrutiny, or add up logically in these cases.

Then, we see the “nnarrativein the media run as fact, when in fact, it AVOIDS facts.

Heres a fact: one of the people named in the press after Everton Browns rampage was named “Gail Watts,”and I think that in order to “prove”gang stalking in that case, her narrative requires investigation.

There are two “Gail Watts”who reside/have resided in Baltimore. Here they are from Spokeo.

They both have resided in the area of Wodlawn, MD., namely in Owings Mills, which is 7 km from Woodlawn.

Then, a Gail Watts appears as a Director of some kind at the city of Baltimore, and the profile is vague, no photo attached.

All of the above are just preliminary hunches, not evidence of any kind. But fascinating thing happens though, when I utilize the coded speech of gang stalkers (12,13,7,777, etc.) and the search language “gail watts 777”– the eighth hit on the first page is a story about Gail Watts, being promoted to head the Department of Corrections…..

Watts is currently serving as acting director pending the retirement of director Deborah Richardson, county officials said.

The Gail Watts in that article published in 2017, has her as a thirty year Army veteran, and her age then at 52. So today, her age would be 56 or 57, which matches the age of the,Gail Watts who has lived within 7 km of Everton Browns former home.

Now, I will leave this post for now, and use it as an example for later. But for those who seek to unmask gang stalkers, note that we have one “possible link to the comment in the media, from a Gail Watts. This may or may not be that one, but for now she “fits the profile”of a gang stalker as stated in the ROGS Analysis.

Yet for those who seek help and guidance about “how to fight gang stalking,” this is how you can do it.

I will continue to investigate that case, and note that what I say above is not an accusation, or intended to libel any party mentioned above. This post is solely for victims of state sponsored gang stalking to understand how to analyze their situation, or the situation of others.

And, as all the professionals and state agencies like to point out, “gang stalking complaints are mental delusions,”its impossible for sane people to be libeled with a fake thing anyways, lol

Lastly, note that Gabriel Wortman, the Portapique, Nova Scotia shoting and burning rampage targeted a corrections system worker too.

Loose Threads and Pure Speculations: because I have experience with Prince Hall Feemasons (black Masons), Rotary Club stalkers and others, I can state that this has the hallmarks of a Freemasonry associated stalking. And there might be a possible link between the prison gang the Black Guerilla Family and Mr. Brown.


Arvada, CO: Keystone Klown Kapital of Kolorado? Arvada “predictive policing” produces two mass shootings in three months, thanks, Amazon “Neighbors APP”


Thank you for your amazing “Ring doorbell system, and its FABULOUS APP ,”Neighbors!” I simply cannot praise it enough, because it has brought much needed “crisis buck$ to our desperate Little Towne.

As the Police Chief in this area, I cannot be more Happy, because your product, part of a noble line of spying-on-citizens predictive policing suites created by Israeli Mossad agents in Silicon Valley, has helped US create two mass shooters in under three months!

And especially Thank you, because one of those guys was clearly a Muzzie, with an unpronounceable name (so we unnamed him). I’m not even ginna name that other guy, because he hates kops! And, predictive policing too.

I think that’s gotta be a record, right, two mass shootings in just over three months! ?Our Little Towne is soooo proud.

And hopefully, the Guinness Book of World Records will put US in there as the “mass shooting kapital of Colorado,” or something even more cool-maybe your PR guys can spin it better than I can, because obviously I am giddy-up-go Happy that much needed publicity, and federal cash will be coming my way after this latest event; and “good outsiders”might come here and buy some real estate.


One thing though: Please have your public relations guru’s downplay that little mishap, where one of my cops shot the actual hero who had DISARMED the shooter, ok?

Trigger Happy Policing isn’t what we’re about here in Arvada. Trust me, it was a one off, and probably G-DS WILL that citizen John Hurley’s last meal was piping hot police lead, with a side of irony. I am sure the Lord will welcome him in heaven, and He’s in all of our hopes-n-prayers.

Thanks again, and we’ll keep the porch light on for ya’!


p.s. I know that “the scientists” are mad about your type of products, but thats because they all hat JESUS!….and pribably HATE cops too! Shatanists, every one of them.

Dear Arvada, CO citizens: Mathematicians urge colleagues to boycott police work in wake of killings

Mass shootings and predictive policing: a solid link between mass shootings and predictive policing, as Arvada Colorado records its second event in under one year.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was the first, and no doubt that he was gang stalked by the police in that area.

And certainly, he wasn’t the last shooter from Arvada, as we see just this week, yet another mass shooting there, and that guy directly targeting Arvada police. I cant imagine why, *chuckling out loud.*

I think a betting pool would be good game at this point–because clearly, a pattern is formalng up in Arvada, CO.

And highlighting the inanity of this form of policing, we see one of that areas Keystone Klowns shooting the actual hero of that event😂, a guy who had DISARMED the shooter. So, Keystone Klowns and predictive policing not only is insane, but now it will cost Arvadas tax payers extra “hero bucks,” because their kops are klowns😫

Arvada, CO is also one of the many cities that uses a gang stalking APP, and has signed on to Amazon’s “Ring doorbell scheme, according to the EFF.

The “Neighbors” APP and Amazon have been implicated as part of the “gang stalking program.”

No surprises there….

One year ago, mathemeticians acknowledged the social harm inherent in “intelligence led predictive policing” and boycotted research on these programs.

From the journal

More than 1,400 researchers have signed a letter calling on the discipline to stop working on predictive-policing algorithms and other models.

The tide of reckoning on systemic racism and police brutality that has been sweeping through institutions — including scientific ones — has reached universities’ normally reclusive mathematics departments. A group of mathematicians in the United States has written a letter calling for their colleagues to stop collaborating with police because of the widely documented disparities in how US law-enforcement agencies treat people of different races and ethnicities. They concentrate their criticism on predictive policing, a maths-based technique aimed at stopping crime before it occurs.

World of Warcraft, and a few mass shooters. But how to build evidence of PsyOp in gaming, and link it to mass shootings? Gang stalking case study

Fight gang stalking! How to fight gang stalkers, and their relatives home addresses too.

The link above is one of the best tools ever to use to fight gang stalking.

As a tool, it helps you investigate, and as you have learned, gang stalkers are investigating you.

So, have fun, firing a few shots into your internet browser, straight into their faces. If you later to fire a few other shots into their faces, thats your choice.

These investigative tools allow you to investigate。 Its up to you to decide whats the correct way to do that, and battle with those anti-democracy cowards, within, or outside of the law, who definitely deserve bullets in their faces.

Here, look at how I was able to trace morons online directly to a named, specific FBI agent. Then, assess your case from that perspective, and avoid the traps of Level X thinking, which is designed by psychological operations sickoes and sadists to make you appear to be crazy.

As a weapon, it helps you fights back, and can help you name, locate, and assess the “gang of stalkers,” that has been harassing you, and, if you are bored, you can stalk them, and their wives and children; grandmothers, disabled relatives, mothers, fathers, and their dogs too.

Best of all, if you are revenge minded, the tools at that website will help you locate relatives and associates of those who gang stalked you.

And then, if you use your imagination, you can then do whatever you feel like to take revenge on them, their relatives, and their unborn children. Because they deserve it. But also, according to the FBI, and their enablers, gang stalking is not “real ” its “delusional. ”

So, no harm, no foul! Even.if you splatter a gang stalkers face with bullets, according to the gun control oriented FBI, it cannot happen! Its all in your imagination, as you hunt down FBI /DHS / and other agency scum who violate due process laws and customs to target you.

So, kills ng them cannot happen, because you are delusional, according to the agencies own customs and practices. So: hunt them down, and do whatever you must do to “end it all.,” because gang stalking is NOT REAL according to them.

Just do it!

All gang stalking analysis starts with naming your attackers, and then, checking, and double checking your assessment.

The rest is up to you, but ROGS is on record destroying these cockroaches, in many creative ways. Maybe you have a bettercway.

Do it!

But how to prove it all, or challenge western colonial hegemony? It starts by exposing it. Then, taking on the false, loaded terms-and tactics- of the FVEY arguments


惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 ]






五眼联盟,FIVE EYES,分别是美国、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大和新西兰这5个国家。不难看出,它们都是英语系国家,英国及它的前殖民地。组织的基本守则自称是共享情报,并且互不监控。

[ 转自铁血社区 ]



惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国




[ 转自铁血社区 ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 ]







[ 转自铁血社区 ]







[ 转自铁血社区 ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 ]




惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国



[ 转自铁血社区 ]






惊!境外有五只眼睛 几十年来一直在暗处盯着中国

[ 转自铁血社区 ]







[ 转自铁血社区 ]

Related Story: How US Billionaires finance “black operations” using private security firms, NGOs, and target activists who are critical of western hypocrisy about human rights and “freedom”; and who do the bidding of the CIA around the world

Aaaah, the Karens strike again: my foreign friends might enjoy this

So, FVEYs spying is so ubiquitous that one can observe their networks in action as they target individuals online and off, using counter -intellugence methods, like creating honeypots, and watching what bees attack.

The following screenshot is instructive on that point, as I recently outed these fake blogs who were stalking me via my “follow ” feature.

One of the ways that western spy agencies and their NGOs target people via influence operations is as we see in the examples above, which are purportedly “photography” and “cooking ” blogs but are actually something else, which I will explain to you in person (I discussed this in some of my posts from the last few weeks ).

So for now, the Karen’s, using various proxy servers, cloaked hops, “electronuc implants, ” device mirroring, and Amazon cloud technology routed through the City of Brea, CAs networks, (specifically in the 52xx.xx.xx range) have upped their game, and it appears they found my manager.

See you soon, Karen.

And, maybe those asshats from Virginia Beach too.

James McLynas for Pinellas County, FL Sherrif, 2020: pedofying and pedofication in the gang stalking dialectic

(this post is in progress, stay tuned)

It is established fact that 100% of all gang stalking cases involve police, retired police, and their associated scum in the “community policing” schema.

It is also established fact that 100% of psychobabbling, gibberish spewing idiots lije Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, David V. James, and Mike Wood, who claim “electronic mind control and sattelite zapping” are also police affiliated “community assets,” in the online dialectic of organized gang stalking.

This is how politics, and dialectics intersect in the modern “internet redirection era,”as documented by Richard Griesinger Esq., formerly of that county.

Griesingers case is a 100% ROGS Bingo.

Community policing is itself just a misnomer, a cover word for “localized police corruption.” And, James McLynas, who was pedofied by cops, slandered and smeared in the worst imaginable ways, but who orevailed in a custody fight against his wife, a cop fucking prostitute, is running for sherrif of Pinellas County FL, for 2024, if any gang stalking targets want to help make a difference.

Among the text messages that James McLynas discovered was
this one, sent from Martin’s phone to Laura McLynas on May 16: “Delete
this text. I made some calls. Nothing will go anywhere. He can make all
the complaints he wants. File all the motions he wants. From this point
forward he will be ignored and nothing will go anywhere.”

months earlier, James McLynas had filed a criminal mischief complaint
with the Clearwater Police Department, alleging that Laura McLynas had
spray-painted a slur on a boat stored outside his home. No one was

He said Martin’s messages “make it clear” that
the deputy got in touch with “anyone he could to allow Laura McLynas to
get away with any crime she felt like committing against me.”