Examples of Bad, false, or misleading information about gang stalking

As a researcher of organized gang stalking, journalists and reporters, lawyers, or other interested party, you have likely discovered by now, there is no shortage of total poppycock in the gang stalking dialectic, spewed by the religiously delusional, charlatans and snake oil drinkers, and many other types ranging from military operatives to spies and police organizations.
But increasingly, we see that organized gang stalking is real, and part of the multiple layers of government programs that have been enacted in the name of “counter-terrorism.” You can read about these here on ROGS, and they range from information and propaganda operations and “black propaganda,”to whole data capture of all of our cell phone and internet activity, that is frequently used to target individuals.

Related Stories: Washington State Fusion Center releases “mind control” documents to FOIA journalist, and later, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals links Sheridan and James junk science to unlitigated political claims of a link between DV to mass shooters, which has been politicized and capitalized by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, in a dubious PsyOp, which also has direct ties to “manufactured terrorism,” as documented by award winning journalist Trevor Aaronson.

Then, there are the well known military disinformation operations that talk of UFO’s, electronic zappers, aliens, face orbs, flat earth, religious visions, etc, and all examples of bad information that frequently is slipped into the dialogue to discredit actual targeted persons or otherwise cause the appearance of mental illness.
In my era this was referred to as “sheep dipping” an individual so that others would know they  are a target, or to otherwise discredit their testimony.
And, if you haven’t seen examples of these discrediting narratives and the disinformation within them that hide actual abuses and victimization behind a curtain of babble, here are a few off the top of my internet tonight.
Electronic Weapons, DEW’s, “people cookers” and other psychobabble are of the most common online. I have met meth addicts and others who complain of these things in nearly the same exact language as the following:

STOPEG - Stop Electronic weapons and Gang stalking
The people cookers – cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat
[Published: April 28, 2008. Updated: May 4, 2008, May 9, 2008, June 10, 2008]
Military and intelligence agencies have developed frightful electronic weapons in black budget projects the last decades. These weapons, based on radio waves, are used to disable, to present pain and torture, to drive into suicide, schizofrenic or criminal behaviour. This is done by cooking/irradiating body parts, letting a victim hear voices, reading the mind, etc. through walls and from distance. Read and prepare yourself for the people cookers, you may be next!

Strange diagrams that make no scientific sense, coupled with even more strange “testimony” or “information” and also, nearly accurate descriptions of the how Fusion Centers work, in sync with the FiveEyes data theft, and the actual NSA nationwide wiretap :

From  JulySevenTwelve , where we are treated to stories about how “locusts” read peoples minds with computers and electronic transducers
Mind reading gang stalkers not to be confused with Locust described in the bible revelations Chapter 9 .Yes it is the end times and locust can not only read minds they can remote view all your 5 senses and they do vex. see page whats a gang stalker
A gang stalker clued me in to how the mind reading is done. Basically they hide a transponder in a tooth that has been root canalled and a post set. This post is a transponder that gets power from an external transducer. The transponder modulates impulses from nerves in the mouth and sends the signal back to the transducer. The transponder needs no power as it gets its power from the transducer. The theory is when you think auditory signals travel to the nerves in the mouth and these signals can be then deciphered into words.
The gang stalkers themselves use a similar transducer transponder technology for two way communications.
“The central computer keeps track of the whereabouts of all the targets and stalkers. When the target comes in range of a stalker the computer voiceprompts the stalker on what actions to take on the target”

Note the last paragraph, which is actually close to how the current cell phone and computer and social media are actually manipulated from Fusion Centers, and local police departments, much as I describe here at ROGS-but then throw in some locusts? Yup classic psychobabble from 1) a possibly insane person, or 2) some other nutter/military operative/disinformation agent/bored teenager not yet specified.
Then, there are hundreds upn hundreds of accounts of alien abductions, ufology, all over the net, and again, many of these people are stricken with the mental illness of religiosity, or other “spiritual” sicknesses; and none of them re rational in any sense.
Here is an example where some bored old church person who writes fairly well leads us into the same tired tropes of alien abductions and “spiritualism” that trailer trash and Elvis’ mom surely loved.
The author, like many of these types, has all the buttons and badges of another grand poobah from the Lodge of Late Night Truck Stop Coffee Drinkers, and claims to be a consultant and an author:
Alien or Demonic? From EveLorgren.com

After Sheila’s ex husband died in 2005, her life and home no longer was a paranormal picnic but escalated into terrorizing spiritual warfare, with overtones of ‘targeted gang stalking’ and non–lethal weapons harassment. Now, supernatural manifestations took a more physical effect, such as people following and watching Sheila, taking photos of her with cell phones while deliberately making comments she could overhear such as, “Go back and get a better shot.” She found strange things like tree poles in her yard, where the night before she saw red lights in the trees in the exact locations.
Sheila found herself repeatedly attacked by invisible forces as she was pushed, prodded, poked and sexually assaulted. The real red flag marker for its similarities to “alien” medical procedures started when Sheila began getting what she calls the virtual surgeries. Like some alien (reptilian, etc.) abduction accounts, Sheila was first paralyzed, then moved into various physical positions while she was sexually assaulted, and woke up with scratch marks on her thighs and throat, as if fighting all night.