ROGS Analysis: Where is the research on”Organized Gang Stalking,” and who does it?

Research Organized Gang Stalking (this website that you are reading) is the product of over fifteen years of research, using the scientific method, sociological analyses, and inter-disciplinary, informed analyses of the available evidence of this social practice.

As such, I have developed ROGS Analysis primarily to help the researcher, the journalist, and defense attorneys to analyze the claims of those who present with complaints of being gang stalked.

I invite forensic psychologists, social workers, prosecutors, and others to read through the blog portion of this website to watch as I use the scientific method to test, and retest my method against the available research, to prove that the available research is in the very least, uninformed or incomplete, and at its worst,  part of a nation-state level disinformation campaign, an influence operation waged to mask the reality of the mass abuses of surveillance cultures.

As such, ROGS Analysis of cases of gang stalking posits the following empirical certainties and proofs, which any researcher can replicate with ease, and through research:

1- Nearly ALL cases of gang stalking that are covered in mainstream media involve police, retired police; current and retired military and private contractors, fire departments, and their various community assets in NGIs, and other community capacities, AS STALKERS, and as cyber stalkers, doing and saying bizarre and illegal things, that, when revealed are indeed exactly what gang stalking victims say it is. This is nearly a 100%constant in all cases of gang stalking.

2- most actual gang stalking victims have been involved with the para-judicial processes of the legal system, that avoid jury trials and due process, including, but not limited to family courts, domestic violence courts, parole and plea deals, etc. Gang stalking in these cases services as “third party punishment”

3- higher than expected numbers of females acting as stalkers, frequently hiding behind official titles, and working from within official positions.