Dear US Citizens: First they came for the "targeted individuals," and you said nothing, because you were not a targeted individual: Utah Nurse arrested for following the law

Utah Nurse Arrested For Refusing To Give Patient’s Blood To Police Without a Warrant | NBC Nightly News
The subversion of Constitutional liberty began with the RICO era, where most American’s were just fine that the “goodguys” at the FBI did “whatever they had to do” to get the “badguys,” of “organized crime.” And, the public then and now is unaware of exactly how criminal our law enforcement agencies are, as demonstrated in the absurd case of FBI informant Joe Barboza, where that agency kept a convicted serial killer out of prison, allowing him to kill again -and assisting in the coverup of that homicide.
And of course- you said nothing because…why exactly?
Related Story: The patient in the story below whose rights the nurse was protecting was a COP
Never mind that this gang stalking is a lucrative source of cash money for the government, or that it was one of the clearest beginnings of “organized stalking,” where law, and due process were thrown out the window as the government, private “security contractors ” and LEIU’s waged black bag jobs all across America while  targeting the “bad guys”-and taking their cash and jewelry of course.
Of course!
Then, they came for “the gangs” which were more loosely “organized” groups of individuals who were targeted based on little more than hearsay, and the criminalization of the constitutionally protected freedom of association . Then, they came for the babies of those “gangsters,” and targeted “gangster babies” from birth in databases that are a nightmare of due process violations, lies, and hearsay by dirty cops. 
And still you said nothing- because, after all, you are “one of them.”
Then, they used these massive databases to illegally collect data on ALL AMERICANS, and then guess what?
Yup. Then,  they came for those who refuse to comply with illegal orders, at the flash of a badge or the promise of special favors.
This video above is what it looks like when you stand for the rights of others-and that you demand that public servants like cops, bureaucrats, and other public SERVANTS follow the law. It isn’t pretty, you might get roughed up by some sick [email protected], or one or another variant of these “institutional psychopaths,” but in the end, maybe, we the people can get these morons fired, and hire people who know and love the law.

Because guess what? You are not alone. And, many “targeted individuals” can tell you that these things-and worse, far worse- have been happening to them for YEARS before this one video.
Let me know when you start seeing patterns though. The professionals seem to think that noticing patterns is a sign of “mental illness.”
And, it might be remembered that even Rosa Parks, when she took her seat for liberty, did NOT get roughed up by what looks like a closet rapist. Welcome to the world that Jill Built, Y’all. And: one can’t help but wonder if this nurse would have refused the blood draw if the patient WASN’T a cop….