China boots US birds nest out of the hot pot kingdom : free world anticipates massive decrease in tribal religious US propaganda about Uyghurs, and “camps ”.

ROGS is primarily a blog about organized gang stalking, but occasionally, I drift into my own dry humor and often reveal personal clues about myself, for my avid, and, my rabid fans. Like my keen analysis of “Ravens, blackbirds and crows,” in the organized gang stalking dialectic, for example.

“some personnel at the Chendu consulate were “conducting activities not in line with their identities,”

So, I will state a rare personal viewpoint: ROGS promises that he will get all worked up about (fake) western propaganda claiming that Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China, are in camps, as soon as the ghost of Stalin and Beria (and their banksters) apologize for the Holodmor, and many other race based attrocities in the Ukraine between 1917-1950; and equally as soon as the tribal religious race profiteers from the various christian churches, and the ADL /SPLC /etc NGOs unspecified promise to stop proselytizing in China.

Which, of course, will be never, because the Abrahamic religious insanity, its octopus of offshoots, and its baby-bombing Gawd,lawd, G-d, Jeebus, Allah (and his brother Akbar), Joseph Smith, etc, forms the entire basis of the western dialectic space, leaving no room for peace, ever.

So, heres a couple snapshots from today, as ROGS interviews journalists BEFORE you get their stories from tomorrows news:


Reuters news captures a live event, with a Bloomerg-Singapore journalists head in the left foreground.

Todays Reuters news shortly thereafter reports thatChina’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said some personnel at the Chengdu consulate were “conducting activities not in line with their identities,” had interfered in China’s affairs and harmed its security interests.”

Now, thats some seriously excellent dry humor there, dontchathink? The Chinese are generally, masters of understatement.


The US Consulate and its hoary nest of spying and propaganda operations gets the boot from Chengdu, China, as Americas hypocritical police and surveillance state apparatus is now officially unwelcome in the westernmost regions of China, dashing all hopes that China will continue to allow the western tribal -religious fanatics to stir up strife in that/those regions.


No radical political thugs were anywhere to be seen, and no totalitarian police state provocateurs were stirring up violent riots, as we see all over America today, though some 80% of the crowd present at todays event were in fact,

Meanwhile, back in the “free” USA, another mayor gets gang stalked with firefighter “noise harassment” which is such a common feature of Americas police and survellance state, that hundreds of entire blogs are written about it.

Firefighter gang stalking in Kansas City KS