How to fight gang stalking: don't do it like this-yet.

If you look up there at the top of the blog, you will see that I have several sections devoted to advice about safe and legal ways to fight gang stalking, and how to defend yourself from this hidden form of police-state and surveillance society abuse.
And, if you dig around on the internet, you an  find various lists of names of employees ranging from local government to federal and even international organizations. These are gold. Below, I point you to a tool where you can dig for more….
Especially, note that I have a section on how to document the various wireless hacking that you will endure, and a section for civil litigators and criminal defense lawyers to understand organized gang stalking as a product of the chronic and pervasive monitoring that we are under from our own government, and the governments of others who have designed programs to alter our minds and our actions in real time (Google “Moonshot CVE” for just ONE example of the thousands that are pointed at us every day, designed to bully us into choices that THEY are making for us online.)
But if there is ONE piece of advice that every TI will eventually find to be a “truism” is this: Learn to find the humor in your personal situation, and laugh at these cowards. It really will save you.
Here-look at how this woman fought off a gang of stalkers:

As you have learned by now, cowardly gang stalkers will never give you a fair fight, in the streets, or in a court room, a the deck is so stacked that it’s beyond obscene. One way to visualize this is by noting that the NSA has collected data on an entire generation of kids, starting in 2001-so that every kid, and their parents who used the internet-have had an entire generation of data captured/manipulated/monitored and then, turned over to hundreds of complete strangers across the world. And that isn’t conspiracy theory-that’s a fact.
BUT: If you DO get the chance– or even a fair shot at a chance, do it like this above, but don’t stop at just kicking at them (these guys that the girl is kicking are not known for fighting back,because they depend on others to hire private gangs to do it for them-you can  look it up….)*
Organized gang stalking is everything that I have documented and more- don’t lose focus on that, and DO take measures that I have recommended-especially photographs. Nothing beats a picture. But don’t forget the basics: trap the entrappers, follow the electronic trails ( every computer has a cmd.exe, so learn to use it) and if you do find them, use Kali Linux to hack the sh!t out of them.
But remember: be careful, and study the laws of “ethical hacking*,” and try not to cross the line(lol). but Kali Linux is enough of a tool that you can hack the Pentagram, or even the NSA GCHQ, or Squad 3200, where you will find pictures of Dick Cheney stuck to the bottom of every desk, dripping with….).
While this is frequently state level abuse directed at you, by security contractors, or the DHS hydra of “investigations” and investigators whose snouts are dripping with pig-slop(Mayer Kahane must be rolling in his pig skinned lined straight jacket, mad that he didn’t live to see the day where American cops and certain people’s people eat pork together at the same trough) as local police working with “communitarian policing” initiatives, and the internet-full-o’ the cry-bullies who hack and bully you will also cry wolf when it’s convenient, and then hide being tear stained sheepskins (especially in academic stalkings), weeping like the ghost of Mayer Lansky losing at poker.
Most importantly-and this cannot be understated-if you do identify one of “them” who has targeted you, don’t target them immediately-but find out who their relatives are, and their webs of associations-and pass the data around (make lists) and target THOSE people, because gang stalking is perhaps the one place on earth where the rules are out the window. And, they have done it to you and yours already.
(UPDATE 10/22/2017: Oh, that was a slick hack! The screen went dark, and then, the welcome screen popped back up, and I logged back in. Nice work, zioNazi boys and your well trained baby Jesususes with gunz ‘n bomz).
While I recommend that violence is your last resort, and that civil disobedience and resistance your best weapons, keep in mind that at some point, you will know with certainty who your personal GS are. And then? Well, how you handle it is up to you….handle it with a big stick, held in a pigskin glove.
Here are some more fun games to play-and do it with humor, which is the best medicine!
The CIA book of Dirty tricks or at this link if that one goes down
The CIA’s “simple sabotage” manual-be careful-this is a CIA link
*You might have missed the asterisk. And, you also missed the satire in this post, most likely because YOU,are TRAINED to interpret data a,certain way, and likely, you instantly thought #ANTISEMITISMISMS!®
Well, the jokes on you: the girl fighting off that mob of speech prohibition promoting primitivists is an Israeli, and likely Jewish herself.
So, YOU are the joke. Welcome to Svengali mind control 101