Mind control experiences on the internet: what is "captology" for the win!

So, I began ROGS over a decade ago, and of necessity began to write it last year or so because I was simply tired of all these phony hero’s and the new technologies acting as a virtual leverage and compromise or bully and blackmail scheme where one after another of these cowards “working in darkness” at a Fusion Center, or some private contractor gets to comb through my life every time I hit “send” on a blog post they don’t like.
Lately, the asshats of Las Vegas are combing through here, looking for clues as to how a guy 1) whose family is an inter generational FBI target 2) whose whole life consisted of Las Vegas and a slot machine and a few Filipina balabayan boxes and 3) how being stalked through Vegas by Paul Blart’s is somehow  big mystery.

Related Story: The actual “going dark problem” is this->We live in a TOTAL SURVEILLANCE STATE, and without a doubt, the Las Vegas casino where Stephen Paddock shot up some folks is a PRIME TARGET for NSA surveillance-but Mystery Policing, aka “high policing” where police/intelligence level corruption, and the various intel cults compete for ca$h derived from black operations; and which takes place in “total darkness”  then takes place in “gray area” as multiple agencies scramble to cover their tracks via “parallel case laundering” in the Las Vegas shootings, and possibly frame a few new “suspects,”make a few headlines, and later, make pleas to the fed for MRE DVIC DOLARS, and counter-terrorism funds-but only after the judge (who is without doubt a grand Poobah in some secret society) seals the warrants that reporters could otherwise use to begin to unravel these manufactured terrorism frauds.

I mean-it’s SIN CITY, ferchrissake,  and corrupt to every corner of the six pointed badges that feign ignorance of the rancid corruption there, and who take orders from Saudi princes and the descendants of Mayer Lansky alike.
Yeah- big mysteries there in Vegas. The only actual mystery there, as in most places in America today, is how to “frame a narrative” and extricate all of the hidden state actors and other sordid criminals who work in the FiveEyes policing scheme, which is by definition what a corrupt police state looks like, and what it does, and then get their finges into the money pots. Here-they are are already setting up a “fund” so that the lawyers get their cut, first.
Then, the spin doctors will all get their sloppy snouts greased, and then, al those federal matching funds for manufactured terror will roll in. I mean, the police state is by design a MAKE WORK project, as we have seen over and over since 1993.
Yeah, big Mystery. Lots of mysteries in these deals indeed, and all the access is ealed, at all times. This IS what police states ARE.
Some of my last rounds of stalkers, like Ed and Celeste, and the morons next door were stymied that I would write about actual mind control experiences on the internet, which is like, a real thingn practicee EVERY DAY on evveryone, but because all the sooper seekritt stuff that is cloaked in nashunul sekurity never sees the light of day because TERRORISS!!!
You see, letting the public excercise its right to know what I know seems to be a threat in and of itself, as I found out in 2003-4 as I wrote about civil liberty and due process in a climate of manufactured terrorism. Yup. I did that.
And then, my life became a freeway as assclown after agency turned my life into t hnting ground, or just used it for target practice. Yup-they did that.
The problem is, in a climate of weaponized internet that the good guys use for year after year to wage psyops and other harms to individuals who challenge their crimminal unConstitutional basis, depend upon the secrecy to CREATE crimes, or the appearance of crimes, or doubt as to whether or not “we the people” can be trusted with our own privacy; so that they can then rush in and POLICE crimes, or create the appearance of crimes.
Meanwhile, in case you haven’t heard, the Saudi’s who FINANCED 911 were the only people allowed to fly on airplanes on that day. See how it all works kids? Land of the free!
So, journalists like me are a problem, as are civil libertarians who let us all now that YES THEY ARE ALL SPYING ON YOU, and people who believe in Democracy over secret cults in law and law enforcement, running game and ten running narrative are also a problem to those whose income depends upon Fabian Socialist methods of removing due process from our daily lives so that there own personal favorite cult/sects/religion/tribe gets some federal dollars in their piggy heels at Saint Nicholas time.
So, yeah- go [email protected] yourselves. Decade after decade, I am amazed at the Pig-Cow hybrids that you people are breeding together via this Panoptical totalitarian state, and it’s bizarre high heeled policing schemes.
Well, anyways, mind control: don’t take my word for it-I am not the only person on the planet who knows what the NSA/CIA/FBI/GCHQ/etc is up to online-here, have a look at “captology” and what the mad scientists of “influence operations are up to. And keep in mind-these are the “good” mad scientists, not the “deep state” mad scientists.
From Stanford University:

What is Captology?

http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=http%3A%2F%2Fcaptology.stanford.edu%2Fabout%2Fwhat-is-captology.html&layout=standard&show_faces=false&width=450&action=like&colorscheme=lightCaptology is the study of computers as persuasive technologies. This includes the design, research, ethics and analysis of interactive computing products (computers, mobile phones, websites, wireless technologies, mobile applications, video games, etc.) created for the purpose of changing people’s attitudes or behaviors. BJ Fogg derived the term captology in 1996 from an acronym: Computers As Persuasive Technologies = CAPT.
BJ Fogg speaking about Captology

Where Persuasion and Computers Intersect

The field of captology and persuasive technology is growing quickly. Every day more computing products, including websites and mobile apps, are designed to change what people think and do.
As we see it today, captology isn’t just persuasive web sites or video games to change behaviors. Captology is a way of thinking clearly about target behaviors and how to achieve those goals using technology. Captology is a method with related tools for solving problems. Our frameworks and theories are all about helping people understand and measure what matters.

Captology Resources

People often ask how they can learn more about captology. Here are some things we suggest.

We’ve also created some books related to captology:

And so,  if this is what the “good” mad scientists are up to-what might the “bad” mad scientists at JTRIG/GCHQ/Croughton RAF/Israel/CIA/NSA be doing? Well, I will let you “good guys” figure it out, all by yourselves, because after a lifetime of watching you crooks in action, I have nothing left to say to you.
Like Edward Snowden says “I used to work for the government, now I work for the people.”
Or, something like that. In my case, I was just a doorman, once, with a pen and paper, and five classes short of a  journalism degree. So, yeah-than’s for the deep knowledge deep stater’s. Betcha didn’t know I was watching you as you were watching me. And now, others know it too.
The word truly is mightier than a bo’ncha morons with 97 IQ’s and a desire to murder people who tell stories, dontchathink? And look! The narrative is changing! See how that works? But I think some of “we the peeple” have had enough of “overpaid cowards with bombs and guns and high heeled narrative control.”