Gang stalking 101: learning to recognize military, and intelligence trolls and cop humor

The internet as we know it is literally FULL of military trolls who compensate for their lack of intelligence with rude and crude humor, which, for those who don’t appreciate it, is actually some of the most raw, and wonderful humor you will find online. It is also very primitive, most of the time-and, really NOT that funny when you realize the targets of the humor have frequently been targets from birth.
Writers who “think outside the box” or outside of John Nash’s head are highly targeted by bullies, conformists and the dim-witted alike in a “pile on” effect, as described in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) own literature, and this is a pattern across all narratives where bullying is being discussed-indeed, the Workplace Bullying Institute reports that the empathetic people and the intellect itself is a target, and that targeted individuals are usually just better people that those who bully them.
And so, in order to perform dialectical brain surgery on the signs and symbols of organized gang stalking that are themselves created by people with a median IQ that hovers around 97 after we factor in the ASVAB, which claims that the median  IQ of Army officers is 110, minus mysterious overcharges of 13 in every transaction, and the fact that Army math is always overpriced by exponents of infinity, plus aggression which is compensation for lack of intellect, we arrive at our figure:

To whit: At one time, the minimum IQ was 120 which was reduced to 110 as measured by the Stanford Binet Test. However this test has been replaced by the General Technical Aptitude Test where the minimum is currently 110. “

So, this, for example, is typical, fairly light cop/military humor:

Image result for police humor
Hahaha. Food. Violence. Food. Violence…and DOGS(and all of that directed at people who often have neither food, nor a will to violence, most of the time.)

UPDATE: The meme cited above disappeared around the same time this blog you are reading got hacked, just after my Reward for the Capture and Prosecution of gang stalkers expired.
But do not worry: my reward for the arrest and rendition of Peter Thiehl is still open, as is my Gary Webb award for journalists who write about OGS and call it what it is: stalking by police and military persons.
Here is the blog, that disappeared from the net as well with that meme:” alt=”Image result for police humor” width=”281″ height=”414″
And here is the original meme, this time, contrasted with a citizens opinion:

And so, throughout any study of online interactions, one can learn to spot police/military humor in the “leaks” from the dialectic (that’s a mirror joke).
Then, there is next level humor, which is writers who believe in free speech, and free will, unfettered by the constant and chronic and pervasive and totalitarian entrapment and entrainment scheme that the internet has become-and that I have documented throughout ROGS, as we see not only that we are, personally, at all times trapped into little boxes that start at the NSA et alphabeticus, and then which trickle all over the place, depending on who is secretly targeting us via our hard coded machine number/IMEI/beeping GPS in the wheel well at the moment in the FiveEyes nations and our Lil’ Pal Israel.
That each of us gets different treatment on the internet due to government monitoring, listst and lists of lists, and search algorithms and Google redirection-but also hidden programs such as Moonshot CVE or Google’s Jigsaw, which slices and dices each internet transaction beyond the “will” of the searcher-and that these infer intentions as well.

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But also, that our Windows 10, which is widely described as a “box full of spyware” comes pre-packaged for instant hacking so that even morons with an IQ of 97 can get in from Fusion Centers when they need to see what our porn stash looks like/borrow a few well written thesis, or dabble around in our settings so that we get the content that they wish us to have, and so on. And, eventually, these figure out how to turn our automatic updates back on after we shut them off several thousands of times.
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So, one might have noticed that ROGS is an homage to Kurt Vonnegut, a survivor of the Fire Bombing of Dresden, and who was bombed by Americans and Our Allies as he was trapped as a POW.And, that he was no doubt traumatized beyond words, as we see in his many works, and in his case, this was realized as humor, and also that constant or chronic trauma can induce that type of reaction in some, who cannot otherwise rationalize, or cope with society wide insanity, aka amoral institutional sociopathy and corruption.
Rock/hard place; Gregory Bateson’s double bound dolphins, and  I think even Bowe Bergdahl deserves a free pass as an homage to the fire bombing of Dresden, after what some other Americans are doing to other Americans right now. Because sometimes, the wanderer seems a bit nuts, but becomes themselves a honeypot of high value intelligence in their meanderings.

UPDATE: Bowe Bergdahl DID finally get a free pass, and you can read about it here.

But you came here for the dogs, didn’t you. Here-save this one:
Here below we see Vonnegut’s thoughts on the frothing dog in the cop porn meme above-who is named “Kazak” in Vonnegut’s work, which is a good Nazi Bohunkish/Latvianesque collaborator name for a dog, don’t you think?-and who embodies the strain that we see today on the internet, where the machinery that is hidden behind the curtain in the deep states version of a secret OZ foists terror upon us with constant hidden attacks on our freedoms of privacy; speech; assembly’ association; etc. (just look through ROGS here to see how many times I have been hacked AS I WRITE in WP).

These hidden operations that certain state entities and institutions are foisting upon us is embodied by Kazak, who, in the novel, is leaping at a fence that can barely hold him in; much like the battalions of federal prosecutors with strings of meth amphetamine addled informants who claim they have “Morgellons disease” and who are hacking away at our computers for target practice every time we log into our hard coded, wiretapped MS Windows systems; or that pimple faced pussy in MEPCON in Tennessee who’s looking for a new stripe-or maybe even the over-compensating 5’7″ tall Sergeant Gomez whose shitting all over his pension plan because he bet on the Dodgers last night (hahahahaha)-all of these are Kazak, straining at the internet black bag on the other side of my internet, waiting for opportunities to do a “job” on someone who loves-and uses- words online. (here is an example of one of these in action ).

vlcsnap-2017-11-02-06h44m51s111 (3).png
[Crackle, crackle] yeah-Margaret? It’s me Dog-can you hear me-can you hear me ow-ow-owwww? Margaret: Go ahead Bob-but make it fast, we’re on a Dodger Dog run! [pop poop pop]Dog: Margaret-I think I heard him say the Dodgers…bombed….something something….and then he mocked Lil’ Gomez! M: Well, Dog, I’ll tellyawut. Why don’t you call Ruthie and Tanya, and see what they think about that hot dog…er..tip? Bob: But they already know, Margaret-they get the intel before the NSA gets it-don’t forget they’re Isra…M: don’t say it out loud Dog! It’s bad luck. THE THIRTEENS! Whydontcha send out Lil’ Gomez and that man-spreaading moron from….
Ruthie: Man spreading? Did someone say PENIS?! Tanya: Easy-easy girl! That’s no penis-that’s a Dodger Dog! [Riva chimes up] A…a….hot dog? Is it kosher? [Ruthies vintage Balfour declaration era hardware rattles off a few rounds] Tanya: Hey-why’d you do that? Ruthie: Well it’s Kosher NOW-and who knows? The Dodgers BOMBED so bad yesterday, we can’t take any more chances….Tanya: well…No salami liekum. That’s for sure. Riva: What’s a salami? Ruthie: Never mind-your barely bat-mitvah’d and your already hungry for Dodger Dogs….? Tanya: No salami liekum, that’s for sure. [Nathan, from the grave: SchlachtHof ein zwei drei POLIZEI…ughh…] Ruthie: Well enough fen for now-let’s get back to work!
Or, as Vonnegut had it in regards to “free will” not encumbered by duress or implied/inferred/death threats or other subversion’s of free will not yet enumerated, their are multiple dimensions whereby we can explore free will in the proper time, in the proper forums.
Below, we see the novel “Breakfast of Champions” coming to a close, and the protagonist Kilgore Trout is about to do somersaults into space, having actualized free will- and the writer himself will then face consequences himself in setting his character free (in Vonnegut, his protagonists are frequently antagonized, but also antagonizing):

Before releasing Trout, however, Vonnegut begins to suffer from the newfound fear of responsibilities, since he now believes that he is responsible for what he does (having free will does this to people). This free will appears in his characters beyond just Rabo Karabekian now. “Kazak meant to kill and eat me” (BOC 294). Not only does this character, a dog named Kazak, have intentions of his own that certainly don’t line up with Vonnegut’s intentions as it’s writer, but Vonnegut also doesn’t seem to notice the world around him; a world that he has written. “I should have noticed the queer shape of the fence” (BOC 294). It just isn’t possible for someone to not notice something that they have invented, so Vonnegut is telling us that this world is free from him- it has free will.
“I gazed at the Keedsler Mansion, never dreaming that a volcanic dog was about to erupt behind me” (BOC 295). This launches Vonnegut into a lengthy description of how his body reacts to Kazak’s attack. The description clearly paints Vonnegut as surprised by the actions of his dog, even stating that the shock caused his testicles to resend. Once Rabo Karabekian broke free of Vonnegut’s will as a creator (simply by surprising Vonnegut), the entire universe of Vonnegut’s creation became free, which brings with it Vonnegut’s fear of a world of responsibilities, a world where anything can happen and anyone is to blame.“A character as ferocious as Kazak was not easily cut out of a novel” (BOC 294), Vonnegut jokes.
-Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut

I bet you laughed when Kurt Vonnegut’s testicles resended [sic]. Or, your mouth watered. Hungry hungry hungry!
I know you that well.
Well- all of this is a roundabout way of saying that yup-I gotz hacked again. Good Ol’ Microsoft Windows 10-a fascist/totalitarian states best friend (hey-I wonder when federal [email protected] will force them to bring their money back on-shore, and pay their fair share of taxes? Or Apple for that matter? Oh never mind– they’re too busy with all of that manufactured terror in New York, lol. “Dude my cell phone has a mind of its own!” [email protected]#[email protected]&*)
So-the next level up is the guys from the IC, and anyone above sergeant (and their hungry, famished and impoverished strings of what they call “slaves” aka confidential informants and others they entrapped into their HUMINT web of gang stalkers) with IQ’s over 110, which is where things get real fun for targeted individuals. Here, have a look at what I got this morning, or ” Latest Tor Browser attacks and exploits” 2017:
So-in the past, British AND American/FiveEyes have favored the compromised Tor entry and exit node attacks in most Tor exploits, and also Oman-in-the middle, or on the side attacks from the van up the block or the hacker in the hallway. Teardrop attacks were common on hard wired home routers, and cell phone versions of Tor, especially those that had Apple Iphone’s associated with them.
Then came 2016, when the cat was fully out of the meme, and we all learned that Apple was pre-hacked (no brainer), and that Rule 41 changes had returned AMurrica to the condition of pre-Revolution and the “general warrant,” and so on-and how eager the DOJ had become to subvert the ENTIRE Constitution, via James Comey’s incessant voice-overs, and agit prop.
One might ask-“well where’s all the fun in hacking American’s then, if we can do it with impunity now, and without any oversight?” And the answer to THAT would be this: The NSA data theft pipeline, where all of our data usage and whole capture emails, phone calls including content, and so on was exfiltrated to Israel, where Dick Cheney and Bini NetanYahoo wanks it to our children’s bath tub photos, and then sends them to the CIA/JTRIG/New Zealand for PsyOps, and THEN trickles the results out to local law enforcement and Fusion Centers who then jiggle and jimmy the connections of targeted individuals, causing a net result that some are forced to watch ISIS video’s (made by the Mossad), while others get porn deluges, and more good stuff yet to be enumerated, as the Justice Department adjusts the blindfolds on the Spirit and the Letter of the law.
Well, anyways- here’s what my hacker left behind today (which is WAAAAAY better than the days when they left rick-rolling links to pogo-pins and so on).
Look! Tor is TOTALLY HACKED*! Who knew?!
A not.jpg
Then, you do the WHOIS:
a not 2.jpg
And then ( and I always like to say that a good joke has three parts to it) Hahaha. “Your so gay!”
So, this is the difference in 13 IQ points, for anyone wondering.
But Tor is sooooo hacked, for real. Sure, let’s have a bit of fun when we talk about it-but NEVER FORGET-Some of us knew this in 2008 or so with the MIM’s, and many of us knew it even more in 2010-13, before Edward Snowden-and now, you know it too.
Pro Tip: This hack happened on a totally p*wnd box, and I deliberately do not/did not use any i2P, Qubes, or virtualization. The purpose is/was to demonstrate that targeting is

  1. real
  2. that speech/speakers are the main target, as this direct exploit of Tor is “interactive” as we see with the “humor”-and thus designed for multiple psychological effects
  3. that these can have a net effect on some of learned helplessness, operant conditioning, or other negative results
  4. that even douchebags have a sense of humor
  5. that every joke has a counter joke-and that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the thousands of psychological exploits in use today on our citizens-aka “influence operations” and soft force “mind control” in the common vernacular.

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Silly soldier! Dont you know that the
US outsources its spying/psychological operations across the FVEYs, and thousands of private contractors like cowardly Gavin de Becker, and our little Pal Israel, which is a neocon/religious theocracy?

On the surface of such a complaint, this would seem outlandish and impossible. BUT: when we factor in the many “proofs” I have put forward here at ROGS about

  1. redirection and targeting of individuals online
  2. the stored profiles of individuals that exist across international boundaries due to  the full time exfiltration of our data, which are manipulated, and personalized to intimate proportions
  3. known links that I have demonstrated herein to “influence operations” and what is colloquially called mind control
  4. the many many as-yet to be disclosed methods of temporal assaults, not least of which are: internet slow downs and speed increases, combined with the under-studed effects of light and frame refresh on the mind; subliminal suggestion; and possibly, suggestive narrative via something like the (debunked) the 25th rate effect

*This hack does not preclude the other Tor hack that gets little press: they can actually rewrite sections of Tor code from your computer folder, and reinstall their own version of it if you use Windows 10. Who wants to bet? Then there’s the offline situation room where they can do brain surgery on your box as you write, and then….(you can BET that my argument ISN’T any one of the aforemantioned-so don’t waste your time doing THAT homework for finals day)