Minnesota 3M, CJIS/CHRI Database breaches, level 3 alerts, and Americas complacent, sectarian political police, aka “The FFFFFF…BBBBBB….IIIIII……..

This post, just for fun, and to say “fuck you” to how the weaponized corporate environment and cock-kissing Israelification and ADLification of American police protocol and practices affects peoples lives, and, elections.
From the whistle blower(not covered by The Intercepts ADLified, Jewish supremacist perspective):
Dear CounselorXXXX:
I have submitted the following letter/ email to a well known journalist who covers database breaches:
In December 2016, a 3M employee, known to be a corporate assassin, played favorism and allowed her contract employee to access the FBI/DHS overseen CJIS/CHRI database room. That database was one of the largest ID management databases in the entire world at that time.
That employee, who was not CJIS cleared to work on multiple occassions in the CHRI Room at their Pasadena location, was a foreign national from Syria.
This was a direct violation of the FBI’s own regulation and 3M’s contract with them, and a level 3 security breach.
This supervisor herself failed to maintain her own CJIS clearance status, yet 3M did not even warn her on multiple breaches.
Around September 2016, this supervisor, Katina X (who likely has relatives in LAPD, Pasadena PD, via Spokeo.com) also failed to manage a contract worker on her team who had caused two data breaches in a row, one of which was the worker sending 100,000’s SSN information to an agency who only requested a dozen records which is all that they are entitled to.
Nepotism(a curiously “Hate Industry affiliated business model)”is suspected, because one incident can easily and should get a contract worker fired, cuz, nashunul sekurity. However, that worker is still working for 3M under her wing.
The HR manager who discovered and reported all these nashunul sekurity compliance issues, on the other hand, was reprimanded by 3M for ridiculous and unproved allegations by this supervisor.
This HR manager was put on an “administrative leave” while 3M patched their compliance holes, outside of oversight of Nashunul Sekurity wizards and witches,with zero coverage in MSM, and with the assistance and “investuhgation” of retired FBI agents.
A Level 3, which indicates the most severe level, incident report was internally filed as a result, but 3M routinely breached this database, particularly in the run-up to the 2016 elections.
So,a valid question (that the Intercept will also be also exploring)…
What’s behind 3M’s annual award as the Most Ethical company? Shutting the mouth of the only person who has knowledge of and the integrity to report these compliance violations? Certainly not those icky cancer findings in Cottage Grove, MN.related to firefighting foam, and five legged frogs…..
I ask —— to explore the record of compliance at 3M Cogent, via FBI FOIA requests.
This breach never made the news, nor the associated breaches that coughed up hundreds of thousands of unauthorized names, SS numbers, and more.
Counselor, I ask that you consider Ms. Xxx case in this light, and proceed today with this in mind.
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