The link between domestic violence and mass shooters, active shooters and school shooters

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When one asks the question “is there a link between mass shooters, and domestic violence, one must ask this in a vacuum of evidence that draws upon a dearth of counter-narrative, and then, that the gray area policing schemes narrative of “what is domestic violence,” is problematic for many reasons, not least of which is that those accused of domestic violence seldom ever see their day in a court room, or at a trial.

Related facts: Martin S. Feibert’s 30 year long bibliography of violent women and DV studies chronicles the fact that “women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners” from an  “aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.” Certainly, one can then ask ” is there a marriage between police brutality, crybullies, and the DVIC?”

First, I would like to say that these acts of mass homicide and cowardly active shooters are plainly wrong, and never warranted. But I would also like to say that in a nation where gray area policing and database abuse full of hearsay, and then, slander has replaced jury trials and due process, it is only natural that some would take extreme measures. And while those who turnn violent are on the outside of the bell curve-extreme outliers in a field of outliers-these exemplify the effects of “community policing on acid.”
And so, in cases of “stalking” which is a form of domestic violence-and that litigated in gray area instead of trials-we see the Rotary clubs active in “stalking the stalkers,” as the UK’s Hamish Brwn tours the world with his gendered form of social interpretation (and that derived from extensive involvement in traditional gender role play and sexism) and also, teaching the FBI and local LEO’s alike the techniques and tactical advantages of “stalking;” and all of that cheered on by the highly profitable DVIC.
And all of THAT in a climate where crisis creation is an industry, spawned from the marriage of international feminism and the police power. How feminist is THAT?
Rotary Clubs are integral to the narrative of gun control and crisis PR, as they attempt to pacify international capital, by going into crisis PR mode, and contemplating erasing guns from their logo, and also, leading active shooter drills. You want links between domestic violence and mass shooters? There’s a few right there-but it’s unlikely you will see them in the MSM any time soon.
So, in lieu of those who are accused of DV or stalking seeing the inside of a jury trial, instead, those accused of DV (nearly always male) are railroaded through the DVIC web of DV profiteers ranging from jails ($120-$180.00 per night) to counselors and “anger management classes of various types (ranging from $40-$180 per hour/session/group), added to the cost of a lawyer ranging from $180.00 per hour, to $5,000 from arrest to arraignment; and the host of other “programs” that have framed the narrative of DV as “male,” while overlooking extraordinary evidence that women cause/initiate/complete more domestic violence.
Related Story: The Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock linked to domestic violence by the MSM DVIC narrative-in the form of “hearsay evidence,” libel, and slander, despite the fact that his girlfriend described him as kind, and having sent her AWAY from his planned violence.
Then, the MSM claims he was with “an unidentified woman.”Let me know if you start seeing patterns with slander told as fact, and MSM reportage
So, in examining the links between organized gang stalking and mass shooters, one must also analyze the claims that active shooters and mass shooters are also prone to domestic violence, and if so, ask “why,” right?
Except, that would be asking the WRONG question, because as we see time and again, DV charges and claims are not simple-and that DV profiteers deliberately obscure the role of women’s culpability, and Hegelian social forces in policing and media which slant narrative away from insight into the facts. Fake news has nothing on the DVIC narrative.
SO, these cases are seldom if ever “litigated” in a court, with a trial, and standards of evidence, or even the semblance of due process. In fact, most DV cases are little more than “he said/she said,” and so, any claim of a linkage by journalists who practice the yellowest form of journalism is simply political propaganda.
Let’s look at another claim that we frequently see in the DVIC/OGS narrative: the claim that is frequently repeated online that “the gang stalkers will even involve/use their children as bait,” and so on. This claim is repeated in blog after blog, and Google results lists some 108,000 hits for the phrase “gang stalkers use children as bait,” most notably by someone claiming they are a woman wh has been “stalked since my time at Ulster University,” whose handle is “taknbsorbemwon5.”
This phrase can be interpreted in many ways, not least of which is how children are used as political tools in a stick and carrot approach to “taming men” and training them into behavior that profits the DVIC. But also, as a way of anchoring the memetic that those who are gang stalked are pedophiles-another well known smear in the dialectic, according to nearly every source online., including Eleanor White.
So, slander, defamation, and libel are the undercurrent in the dialectic.  At this point, I ask the reader to take a look online and see what organizations are linked under the umbrella of defamation and anti-defamation, and how these interact with each and every main stream “save the women and children” lobbyists, and the huge federal money pot that these tone-trolls and vampires have sunk their teeth into-and infer whatever you wish to infer about who or what are specialists in both defamation, and crisis PR.
And here is a “factoid” from another case of a guy who was a mass shooter who shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic, Robert Lewis Dear, who, not inconveniently, fit the profile of the goggle eyed boogieman.
Mr. Dear was extensively involved with police, accused on multiple occasions of DV, and of being a “peeping Tom” and “leering” through bushes, though he was never once brought to a trial of any kind.

You see, in community wide slander and smear campaigns, the police, working with select community rats, get to be judge and jury when they target people they don’t like, or that challenge or resist this gray area scheme. And, as we see time and time again, slander and defamation, repeated over long periods of time, become festering wounds, that can have no cure, because the cure offered-such as trials and convictions-are denied routinely.
And sadly, the LEAST confusing data point is the fact that institution level bullying takes place in “the gray area” before these people go ballistic, and the media runs with a narrative of “violent men.” Dear himself was said to have fled to remote areas to avoid the harassment he was enduring-and even then, he was “on the radr,” with no choice to get off of it.
Regardless of the heinous actions these guys take-in cases as different in their community slander one from the next, they ALL have similar outcomes.
So here below are stories about how the DVIC uses allegations of DV in database slander in the gray area-that men are not afforded trial, nor are any sets of facts litigated, nor are any juries able to hear these facts and decide guilt or innocence of any man thus charged.
And these narratives couldn’t be any more religiously biased if they tried-in classic Jewish orthodox terms, or Catholic terms, women are all “Virgin’s”or baleboste’s, incapable of deviance or violence, and forgiven in their acts. In Jewish terms, they are all good little baleboste’s and any domestic strife is a male’s responsibility, because-you guessed it: sheep and sheeple, rams and ewe’s.
So, we see religious belief systems wholly infiltrating the processes of law, and due process particularly, and contributing directly to mass shooter and active shooter events- and all of THAT mediated by the spying of Fusion Centers and more. It cannot be missed that the narrative is a one sided telling of a tale-and that the men slandered in such a system are libeled after death. This is also classic “ritual defamation,” in the classic Jewish sense.
Here are the headlines that link domestic violence to mass shooters and  active shooters, and before you read them, keep in mind that the Rotary Clubs actually advocate “Stalking the Stalkers,” and that “domestic violence” is one of their specific pet causes (most Rotary websites have a link to this language).
Then, keep in mind my thesis-that these mass shooter’s all happened on Obama’s watch, and that the VAWA was VP Joe Biden’s pet project; and that Democrats and their Hegelian version of democracy does not include due process, or jury trials:

Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter Robert Lewis Dear Was Accused of Domestic Violence and Leering

The alleged shooter behind the clinic attack had a history of trouble, including accusations he hit his wife and leered at a neighbor from behind bushes.

SO, one must understand that the DVIC is a scheme where no man ever gets to see the inside of a court room for a trial of any kind- that the entire DVIC narrative is calculatedly about “slander and defamation” that takes in para-judicial settings where guilt or innocence is never a factor-where “women are to be believed” and all of that, and because men are simply “involved” in a situation of DV, they are presumed guilty.
SO, in order to understand the huge swing that liberal Democracy is taking back into the dark ages where women were presumed innocent and virtuous, and men were beholden to the church/religious  interest in marketing that myth, we must examine the golden rule of Jewish/Catholic culture, which is “never hit girls.”
In other words- female sociopaths, narcissists and other deviant and violent or malevolence works FOR church interests in a culture where men are easily replaceable-and where women can do no wrong, no matter what, because they are dilligent servants of patriarchs.
Here is “ThinkProgress'” perspective on that:

“given what we know about mass shootings, violence against and hatred toward girls and women is a more common predictor of committing mass acts of violence”

Notice that the back story-the alleged incidents of DV are never discussed as an issue. And so, we must ask “what kind of policing is this?” And the short aanswer would be that iit is a very culturally Jewish form of policing that has at it’s roots this idea that Jewish culture is somehow pro-woman, despite Israel being little more than  a conservative cabal of religious zealots, and many Jewish women STILL wear wigs when they are in public.
SO, then, there is the narrative that lineage descends from the mother, which we see clearly in the “feminism” of the 1980’s and its sex wars that sought to create girls in their mothers image:

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