Frame jobs, Honeytraps,organized gang stalking, and FVEYs~Israel data theft mayhem

How bizarre is organized gang stalking?
Read through my blog here, and search for posts about entrapment.
Then, have a look at how a Chinese billionaire name Liu Qiandong was setup and framed as a rapist,in Minnesota,which is an American state that is on record gang stalking journalists,and which derives its entire economy from DVIC and #fakerape social engineering (and add extra points to your ROGS BINGO card if you are aware that this state also houses descendants of Jewish pimps who were/are integral in White Slavery, prohibition era crime, and todays domestic violence industrial complex (DVIC), including Israeli involved workplace shootings, in the case of Andrew Engeldinger and the Accent Signage shooting).
Then,notice that the prudish,cunty,horse-faced Gretchen Carlson is integral to phrasing all non-Lutheran, non-Eastern Star affiliated and approved sexual contact as sexual harassment or#fakerape,and then- take a deep breath……
Because the NSA-FVEYs-Israel data theft pipeline is full of greasy bearded, baldheaded blackmailing cockroaches,one of whom advertises a service where they plot sexual honey traps.
See what happens when those cunts in the Alphabet agencies get together to subvert due process?
Something stinks in NSA-DVICland, and its more foul than gefilte fish, lutefisk, or even,how the Minnesota FBI and the DHS works black magic through using NGOs andsecurity firms,and corporations as fronts for fraudulent investigations; or even more foul than Gretchen Carlson,and the University of Minnesota, and their corporate sponsored academics.
Are you listening, Liu Qiandong? Heres one Israeli firm that offers “hineytrap” services:
And, as usual, you know where to find me if you need more information!
Because after you click the links above, you will see that I have been discussing this all along, for years,counting from greasy bearded blackmailer one.
Then, notice how many Israeli firms are behind these kind of smear campaigns, and how many Israeli firms are involved with Robert Mueller, Demicrats, and the targeted “investigation” of President Trump.

Who Is Joel Zamel, the Australian-Israeli Linked to Mueller’s Trump Probe?
The Israeli social media expert, allegedly linked to the Trump campaign through an online manipulation campaign, founded several companies, including one offering ‘honey traps’ and ‘deep web’ capabilities
Allison Kaplan Sommer 21.05.2018 | 17:22 2 comments
The news that special counsel Robert Mueller dispatched FBI agents to the Middle East to interview witnesses and worked with the Israel Police to seize computers affiliated with a company that specializes in…

And, all of that, as American agencies collude with these ongoing international criminal conspiracies,and actual criminals in the security industry…..AND: as usual-try not to see any patterns……