Brian Clark gives the gift of “Fuck You,” and then, gets gang stalked by dirty cops in VA

Gang stalking by police and domestic violence industrial complex agents: the case of Brian Clark in Virginia reaffirms three old addages:

1- US citizens only have the rights that they can pay for, and
2- you might beat the charge, but you wont beat the ride
3- cops in the US are the biggest gang

From Courthouse news service:

Judge Overturns Verdict Against Man Who Flipped Off Cop

DANVILLE, Va. (CN) — A Virginia man who claimed he was illegally searched after he gave the middle finger to a police officer scored a win in federal court where a judge overturned a jury verdict favoring the cop.

Brian H. Clark was apparently no stranger to the Patrick County courthouse as he had previously been banned from entering the building except under certain circumstances. As noted in the trial transcript, however, Clark displayed no “untoward” actions on the day he was there in July 2016, however, and he left the building without incident.

First, I would like to thank Brian H.Clark for his military service to our country.

Even though the Iraq war revealed the depths of military depravity and then, led to the MIC takeover of the US by private security firms, countering violent extremism (CVE) programs of manufactured terror run by the DHS and FBI Infragard, and what we see happening all across our country today with predatory policing and its beneficiaries.

And I ask you, Brian, to join me in raising a glass in the proper salute that these bastards deserve


That said, I want you to know that I am on your case now, as are a few others who I have enlisted in your story, because it is a 100% ROGS Bingo.

1- DVIC kangaroo courts and fake accusations of domestic violence
2- unconstitutional conduct by judges, cops, a localprosecutor, and a local womens shelter spy ring too!
3- cops stalking you
4-the local prosecutor fraudulently altered facts, and you spent ten days in jail after your middle finger victory
5- lots more stuff from the ROGS Bingo card

So, Brian, please join me in another salute to US cops who have never read nor do they care to read, our Constitution


And, I want the gang stalkers in your area on notice that others,are peeking in on your case. But also, I want the local prosecutor in your area to be aware that gang stalking goes two ways.

Ms. Brinegar-Vipperman, if you are listening, try to avoid mysterious car crashes, and so on, because I hear that those happen to gang stalkers sometimes. Also, for Brians sake

HAHA. Just kidding. No one wants to put a finger up your fat ass, because apparently, your fat ass is full of shit, like Officer Colemans face.

And for all of the,Patrick County VA gang stalkers, that goes for you too.