A note about corporate spying and gag stalking: 3M is facing a five billion dollar lawsuit because it possibly poisoned pregnant women

Yeah. As you might have guessed, ROGS sits on a few stories for egregious amounts of time.’Cuz- ya don’t bite the hand that feeds ya’ dontchaknow. And, it takes time to find the “right channels”to feed, because the NSA data theft pipeline has kept us all isolated from “privacy”and a few other trifling “rights.”
And, one of the side effects of drawing down is that your fingers get cramped. So I pass those stories along to others, who don’t have to ask themselves “Um-will I lose my job or get stalked harassed and slandered if I report this?”
In this case, we also see state level corruption working with institutional and corporate corruption to cover up a story that has floated around for half a decade-because in MN the incestuous nature of inter-generational political families is striking. The city-state prosecutors all have financial stakes in the company, or are inter-married for generations; and the  federal funding pot of the DVIC gets distributed between their pet causes, so they stay silet on trifling things like cancer causing chemicals in the water; and the politicians and their minions of political police stalk, harass and slander journalists who might report these things.

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And-how many connections are there in Minnesota between 3M board members, local politicians, prosecutors and judges, the FISA court of George MacKinnon’s era, and the lesbian sex and pornography wars of his daughter Catherine MacKinnon-and the Total Surveillance State that Edward Snowden brought to our attention-and the FISA court TODAY?
Then, revisit the part of the ROGS thesis of feminist jursprudence and warrantless surveillance by political actors being stalking horses for civil liberty violations of political dissidents, and first amendment killing initiatives like SESTA and FOSTA.

Or, as Miscowiecz once said “Remember who your subscribers are!!!” And we knew then that this was code for “the bald eastern bloc prick in the adminstrative offices who will do ANYTHING for AIPAC dollars.
In Minnesota, these pricks and their prick-cesses fill every office, orifice and slimy niche’ of the propaganda system, from the crisis PR centers on down to the education system, and every purported “civil rights” office that works hard to keep lower income white and black males out of any power, while installing the nepotistic, the Judenrate, and members of the Gay Mafia to do the bidding of eugenicists and zionist’s and dominionists that I describe herein.
And of course, now we see that pure scumbags and cowards and assorted bobble heads who were raised in the ethics free Whisper Network Era (which has its origins in the Palestinian Exodus and Ethnic Cleansing of 1948) are filling every smelly slot in the High Heeled crisis PR industry and it’s slime trail into the MSM. Poor babies-all those downtrodden women with their million dollar portfolio’s, as the entire Constution is burning because these same women and their fellah’s are perverted internet voyeurs?

Related Excercise: Google “rape,” and you get  81,800,000 results. Google privacy rape, and you get 1,550,000 results. Google Fusion Center spying and you get 328,000 results-because THIS is how political and how skewed the priorities of the crisis PR industry are, and how “gynocentric”aka “pseudo-feminist.” Wile all our internet connections, and ten, our offline political connections get hacked by state level actors, fakerape gluts the communications channels.

SO, for the first time in my life, I live in a nation with a 100% controlled press. because fakerape is way more important than the Five Eyes Naions internet rape of ALL of our data, at the site of our cell phones and computers. These crooks are stealing both the PAST and then, the FUTURE from ALL OF US.
By Bye Al Franken- I guess your just not good enough anymore! See? Your own lapdogs bit your dick off, and spit it out like a sloppy tennis ball into the lap of the Lieutenant Governor (Governor Goofies pet)!
It isn’t the CIA Mockingbird that is the problem anymore, because MHCHAOS 2.0 has so much help from all these “good people.” Except for ROGS resistance here, and alternative media and blogging in general, where I/we the peeple get my .02 cents in every now and again. And I’m not kidding: I found two cents under a bus bench today. I promise-I will give it to those more poor than me!
But once upon a time, mysterious stalkers followed me around ONLINE and off. Some were named Mike, and Amy, and others were named Stephanie-and my tracert went to law offices over there on Thrid Street, and Sixth-to a few “name brand” national players; and still others are yet to be named…
And they moved in next door to me too. And they seemed to be working out an argument that revolved around pseudo-feminism, aka DVIC dollars (that state gets $$65 BILLION per year to “frame” narratives, and people), while others black bagged my house.
Everywhere I went, there “they” were-whoever “they” are, and “they” were always on topic as they followed me across the internet, in real time, and always-somehow-just knew what “I” was up to; with a little help from hidden internet operators, of course.
And, they crumpled and crunked their awkward politics into my life in other ways too. Maybe it was the makeshift Fusion Center on East River Road, where records were shredded just after it was discovered-or maybe it was somewhere else.
And, they always had some comments or other to make about what I was writing-AS I WROTE IT online. Here-have a look at what this looks like in practice here, and also, how it works in real life here as specific, identifiable people were blackmailing me at the internet switch, repeating conversations and waging security theater around me.
You see, organized gang stalking is what the DVIC and the hidden hand of sooper seekrit activity online IS. It is blackmail, based in networks of corporate-police-institutional database theft and abuse. You don’t have to believe me though-because you will see this more and more in the news. In fact, some are currently Googling “targeted individuals legal context,” today as I write this.
While the reader might have guessed that ROGS has a degree in public relations, the reader would be wrong, because I despise PR, and its practitioners. However, once upon a time, I tried to write news, and look what that got me? All the good intentions in the world couldn’t put this countries news back together again. Or, get those cowardly back-biting and nepotisitic neocons of the One Percent out of their hidey holes in state government and educational institutions.
But I did try to “get the story out,” and even met a few online tormenter’s who would say “yeah-tell us what the REAL story is!” in a mocking tone, after my email was hacked, on multiple occasions. Going online for me was like (and still is like) being in a live fire zone, where all the Democracy subverter’s take pot shots at my connections, words, thoughts and thesis.
Well, you can infer whatever you want about that, but suffice it to say that I discovered then, that the REAL STORY is OGS-that OGS is now, and will continue to become a major story. I simply had no other choice but to write it-you will see that this is true, as story after story hits the news, and as ROGS alters the actual dialectic itself.
But I sat on stories for various reasons, not least of which is that the world simply had no language to describe what had happened to it as the creeping DHS/ICE/FBI albatross and it’s flying monkey’s in “community policing” had been hung around the necks of some who knew how to challenge it in 2001-4, but who were stopped by all of those who sought power through corruption via the NSA scheme, and working from state offices, targeting political dissenters and journalists.
In OGS, there simply wasn’t any proper language-no proper names or descriptions of “deep state” activity that targeted Americans; and without names, of people, places and things-what good is a story?
The entire internet dialectic was up until ROGS filled with military grade disinformation, crooked institutional actors, crooked cops, and “deep state” people flooding the communications channels with Psychological Operations and gibbersish, aka “DEW’s,” bullying police/military trolls dressed in High Heels at he internet switch, and so on.
Well-as you see, I have names now, and so does the world. I have given birth to a new way of seeing organized gang stalking, which is what we see as “state level corruption” via the internet; and of course, my womb is nearly collapsed/prolapsed now. It’s almost as if I crapped out a three hundred year old missive that was crammed in my arse by an old priest, or an entire state full of save-a-hoe’s. But it’s worse-this story is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD as I write it.
[Update,AUGUST 22,2018: The Google research excercise in re: frogs, below no longer works, due to the nature of Google algorythms interacting with NSA level webscrubbing, the nature of speech suppression, and more. Sorry-it was fun while it lasted. ]
And my one avid reader who has had the ability to cross check, and re-read stuff I wrote online half a decade ago and cross reference it with what I write now*, will be able to cross-check my other blogs for references to this one story (Google “the intercept” and “five legged frogs” to see how small the internet actually is when you code your speech online, for use later). But one of my favorite incident’s from that era was perhaps the story of the five-legged frogs, or as you will soon know it:

3M Corp. (MMM – Get Report) could soon face one of the largest environmental lawsuits in the history of the U.S.
The state of Minnesota is seeking $5 billion in damages from the St. Paul-based company, alleging that chemicals manufactured by 3M have damaged human health and the environment in the state, according to local media.

In court documents filed Friday, the Minnesota attorney general said 3M dumped chemicals it produced in landfills in Oakdale, Woodbury and Lake Elmo starting in the 1940s and continuing until the 1970s. The chemicals have allegedly leached into local groundwater, affecting about 60,000 Minnesotans.

I invite the reader of ROGS to examine the collusion between how retired law enforcement and FBI agents work with current LEO’s and intelligence agents to suppress journalists, and especially the heinous methods they use; but I won’t hold out any hopes. You see- I KNOW how that works, and now, everyone else does too.
But I knew the internet was a free-for-all many years before the average citizen did. And, I knew how some are TARGETED and more, because I have been chronicling it since around 2008. You will see, dear reader, that ROGS doesn’t lie. While I occasionally make mis-statements, or lace my words with provocative phrases and deliberate Wayne Hoover inducing jargon-I don’t lie. And again, I invite you to test, and re-test my many claims.
Then, research these topics: Cottage Grove MN cancer rates; Minnesota Drug Burner; identity management database abuse; and something I won’t yet identify that includes these names: OConnor, HU, and Solomon. See how that works? Like I said-it ain’t over till I pop the at ladies raison de etre.
Yeah- have fun with that last one: I imagine all kinds of lawsuits popping out from that alone. But I will see you in the proper forums next time. And, the reader will note that I have carefully spread my story around the web, fillled out a few affidavits, and more- because I know how things turn out for whistle blowers and targets of “deep state” actors and corporations that work between official institutional cover and corporate collusion.

The Minnesota AG has a long history of three things: 1) Hubert Humphrey era cultists that work the fed like a slot machine, or a pinless ATM, and 2)  welfare state interest that usurps federally incentivized funds and uses them in well oiled shiny heeled crisis PR and for political gang stalking, and 3) bogus lawsuits that take away the individual taxpayer rights to sue individually, and steps in and claims benefits in their name instead, as we saw in the Big Tobacco lawsuits; and that long after the injured parties have died off.
So-sooner or later, the ROGS thesis that Big Data Lawsuits will be far greater than Big Tobacco will be seen as prophetic, but without the 300 year gap (lol…huhuhuh: gap.) Because few even know the “legal harm” that comes form such abuse, but I suggest can be tabulated in lost or denied opportunity.
And, individual psychologists, legal scholars, civil litigators and others will see that OGS is indeed a very real thing, not at all a conflict negotiated by the Hegellian apophenia-epiphany dilemma. Because sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, and a hemorrhoid is actually missive written by others who crammed it up a wooden Jesus’ arse 300 years ago.
But the lawsuit against 3M is very real indeed. Stay tuned.
*I have many blogs. And each of them is specific in one way or another. Occasionally I use specific, and contrived language that  is “coded” to some degree. And, I reference my stats across blogs, for decades. And in doing so, I discovered how these “deep state” players play.
So for instance-if I make up a word-as you see in much of my writing-and then you Google these phrase and word combinations, you will encounter my writinf, or dialogues that I have contributed to. For instance, the “five-legged frogs” as the example above, you will see some other writing specific to me, or situations I reference in my writing.
So, for instance if you Google “researchorganizedgangstalking” as one word, you will find this exact blog you are reading-which is my writing. But I will also know you came here too-and to a few OTHER places online;-)
This is how I discovered that deep state actors track words, ideas, and specific individuals online, and off. In fact-the method is so sound, ROGS can teach you how to replicate it with nearly 100% fail-proof results.
So, yes-“they” do watch us in “real time” online, and off, attempting to .disable/destroy/eradicate/disrupt Constitutionally protected rights of speakers and groups of speakers, as we see here.