George Soros, Hungary, gang stalking, NGOs: proof of gang stalking

So,I have linked organized gang stalking to progressives (I was also once a Progressive), and to many NGOs that are funded by George Soros and other billiinaires,and also documented how pseudo-feminists work from womens shelters as little more than domestic spy rings, targeting men, in the fashion of sociopath Nikki Craft.

I also documented how the eastern bloc nation of Hungary cracked down on Scientoligists, and dealt with them appropriately,and that even gang stalking denialist Dr.Mike Wood agrees that OGS is “real,” or, at least, validated in the many well documented cases and case studies of of Scientologistgang stalking.

Then, I noted political themed spikes in Google searches to this blog you are reading,as eastern bloc nations experienced gang stalking last year, as left wing elements stalked right wing elements of several nations..

And, predictably, here we now see George Soros attempting to sue HUNGARY so that billion dollar corporate interests that masquerade as“human rights organizations,”can use their various political NGOs to gang stalk Hungarians, much as we see AIPAC and the ADL and several other sectarian, racist,or tribal organizations~those with strange, cozy relationships with the FBI and the DHS~ doing here in America, via institutional trance formation, and even gang stalking reporters and politicians, and journalists.

Read the ROGS blog, and use my search feature to find stories that document these links, and, read this story below to see how HIDDEN, AND OCCLUDED,AND NON~TRANSPARENT, George Soros’ and Open Society gang stalking really is.

George Soros, Open Society, Sues Hungary so That Gang Stalking NGOs Can Work Their OGS Magic In Darkness

BUDAPEST, Hungary – An international philanthropic organization founded by billionaire George Soros said Monday it has filed applications before the European Court of Human Rights and Hungary’s Constitutional Court to challenge recent laws in Hungary targeting civic groups working with refugees and asylum-seekers.

James Goldston, director of the Open Society Foundations’ legal team, told The Associated Press that the legal action is aimed at countering laws “designed to intimidate and silence independent voices in Hungary.”

The Open Society Foundations support some of the civic groups targeted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unyielding anti-immigration policies.

Hungary passed in June legislation dubbed “Stop Soros” that threatens to incarcerate for up to one year people helping asylum-seekers. In July Hungarian lawmakers approved a 25 percent tax on financial or material support for groups promoting migration.

“The tax law is so broadly written that the Hungarian government could target virtually all funding for rights groups and civil society even if a small portion of the funding goes to migration,” Goldston said from New York in a telephone interview. He said he hoped the ECHR would deal with the case “sooner rather than later” due to the “critical” situation in Hungary

Then, extra points for noticing that a Chinese billionaire~and a competitor of men like Soros~ was entrapped in a classic honeypot sting that included a rape charge based in a drunk girls text messages, – in MINNESOTA of all places!



I mean~how much proof does one need? But organized gang stalking in Hungary, and Minnesota, and the US-FVEYs is very real.

The Minnesota Electronic Peeping Toms spring a shotgun~by~slander~DVIC wedding on yet another unaware man: