BOO!…galoo to you: creating bogeymen in order to undermine democracy. The quasi-authentic Boogaloo movement, and Stephen Carrillo

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Air Force Seargent Steven Carillo, a leader in an elite military security force who was charged with murdering a federal agent at the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland during the George Floyd protest there,, may or may not be a member of the so-called boogaloo movement.

It depends upon who you ask, and when. But mostly, ask “why and who” is framing the narrative that way.

Air Force sergeant fatally shot a federal security officer and wounded his partner outside a U.S. courthouse and ambushed and killed a California sheriff’s deputy and injured four other officers, federal authorities said Tuesday.

But one thing is certain: “someone, and groups of someones” are cyber-stalking targeted individuals on Facebook and other social media, and creating (fake) terrorists from nearly whole cloth (also, hacking our blogs, etc., and you can have a look at my recent -sloppy- nation state level hack here).

And as we see repeatedly, from the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, to the murder of George Floyd, to the questionable narratives involved in the Thousand Oaks mass shooting,

And some of those who are cyber stalked by security contractors,(we called these mercenaries way back when)end up murdered by police, in their beds, as they sleep, as we saw with Duncan Socrates Lemp.

And this, as militarized police and security contractors who train in the apartheid state of Israel are implicated in one odd event after another in the US,and elsewhere, as Israelified religious zionist fanatics turn up in case after case of mass shootings, bizarre deaths, and manufactured terrorism.

Related Story: The George Floyd murder by police highlights the issue of US police training in Israel with the Anti Defamation League, in a private bribery scandal and many Jewish groups note that this form of racism is linked to the murders of black, brown, and other men who are killed by police.

You can read more here and also at The Intercept, in 2017, written decades, after I wrote about these issues.

“George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police on May 25 has prompted some to liken American policing methods to Israeli occupation policing, and to point out that many US police officers have gotten training from Israeli officials under the sponsorship of Israel lobby organizations.

For instance, the Morning Star published an article saying that the Minneapolis police force once received training from Israelis.”

And, that, from The Morning Star News, which links Minneapolis police training in Israel to the murder of George Floyd:

“in a chilling testimony, a Palestinian rights activist said that when she saw the image of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck, she was reminded of the Israeli forces’ policing of the occupied territories.”

So, with that backdrop above in the related stories, we must ask a few difficult questions:

1- are radical zionists creating these mass shootings, and other terror events? Have a look at a radicalized Israeli intelligence operative, a former United States Air Force liason to the Mossad, cyberstalking me on Twitter, and later, here at my blog.

2- if radical zionists, both christian and Jewish are in fact creating these events, then why doesnt the FBI pursue these leads? Yeah, you guessed it: the FBI and the ADL are like the dog that fucks the pig (or is it a weasel that slurps the eggs that are in the henhouse, guarded by the trusty fox? Questions…questions) Former FBI black bagger in chief James Comey said “ I can say from the perspective of the FBI we are….in love with you.

Manufactured terrorism is what those guys do. Just take a look at how they teamed up on Richard Jewel and tried to frame him as a villain, after he saved countless lives from a (likely) FBI manfactured bomb.

3- even though there is solid evidence that cyber stalking security contractors target their victims for egregious,amounts of time, as we saw with this guys case, why doesnt the FBI pursue these heinous, despicable, criminal contractors? Oh, yeah, see point number two, above. Nothing like a make work project to keep all the good people fully employed.